Accelerate Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration with a Dallas Fort Worth Texas based Consulting Services Company

Adopting Microsoft Azure cloud computing as an enterprise-wide strategy requires careful planning, roadmap creation, and phased execution. ISHIR assists businesses in leveraging cloud computing using the Microsoft Azure platform to help them accelerate and enable successful enterprise-wide Cloud adoption, modernization, and transformation from our cloud consulting offices in Dallas Fort Worth Texas and New Delhi India. Moving to the Cloud is not just about developing an application and solving a business requirement but it is about a comprehensive strategy and reaping long-term benefits.

ISHIR enables businesses to quick start cloud computing initiatives using a methodical approach to evaluate, identify, assess, and design a pragmatic roadmap for cloud adoption. ISHIR’s experienced team of technology advisors, architects and Azure developers based in Dallas Fort Worth Texas and New Delhi India work closely with your team to explain and rationalize the significance of enterprise-wide cloud computing, analyze the implications to your business, identify the benefits, and develop a roadmap that’s designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your organization.

ISHIR begins with Cloud Readiness Assessment, assisting enterprises by identifying benefits assessing economic impact and evaluating your application portfolio readiness

Define an incremental Roadmap for private, public and hybrid cloud adoption
Assess the readiness of key applications in the portfolio
Identify business applications that best migrate to the cloud computing model
Review current state of the enterprise applications portfolio

Microsoft Azure Cloud Custom Development & Migration

ISHIR developers can generate rapid, working prototypes deployed on Windows Azure platform. Using the interactive Agile Scrum based development model, they can validate key business and technical requirements for developing the Cloud Computing model that works best for the unique needs of your business.

Migration to the cloud requires a solid analysis of impact to the business, validation of key concepts including on demand scalability, multi tenancy, federated security, rapid provisioning and evaluation of scope. Migration to the Cloud must be designed, built and integrated from a business perspective, so that it can support the processes and workflows that make your organization more efficient and flexible.

Microsoft Azure for ISV

ISHIR assists ISVs to successfully adopt the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and migrate their existing software to run on the Cloud. Doing so ISVs can leverage the Cloud using Windows Azure, SQL Azure and maximize economics behind the Cloud. Cloud adoption could mean big changes for an established ISVs. Shrinking budgets and changing priorities are accelerating adoption of cloud-based business models. Enterprises are now demanding SaaS versions of existing ISV software.

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