Manage and enrich data that is any size and anywhere with ISHIR’s Big Data Analytics Services

The world of data is changing drastically – from the amount of data being produced to the way in which it is structured and used. The modern business environment is as competitive as ever. Leveraging the huge amount of data available is proving handy in managing competition and staying pertinent. That’s where ISHIR’s Big Data Analytics Services come into play.

At ISHIR, we understand that it is essential for employees and stakeholders of your organization to be able to find each other, share information, and build new value together across traditional hierarchies and silos. Therefore, we have designed our Big Data Analytics Services to include strategy, implementation, protection and compliance.

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ISHIR’s Big Data Analytics Services

Business-level Big Data strategy consultation

At ISHIR, we help you bridge the knowledge gap and gain insight into the most effective Big Data strategies by providing you with the best business-level strategy consultation services.


Hadoop solutions designed by Hadoop-certified professionals

Our Hadoop-certified professionals, smartly bring the simplicity and manageability of Windows to Hadoop. They effectively deploy a Hadoop cluster on Windows Azure in the shortest time possible, thereby, accelerating setup in the cloud.

Big Data Analytics

While a business analytics platform accelerates the realization of value from big data, we offer you a full array of analytics, and support the broadest spectrum of big data sources with Pentaho adaptive big data layer.


Microsoft Big Data services including SQL Server, SharePoint, and Power BI

We use familiar Business Intelligence tools like Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and Microsoft PowerPivot through the Hive Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver to analyze unstructured data in Hadoop in the most effective manner.

Why Big Data Analytics?

Virtual support to all data types with data management layer.

A rich insight from analytics using compelling suite of tools.

Big Data Analytics India

Discovery, transformation, and sharing of data with the enrichment layer.

A marketplace that integrates your data with external sources data.

Why Choose ISHIR as Your Big Data Analytics Service Partner?

Extensive Experience

ISHIR offers you expertise combined with extensive experience in Big Data Services. We offer industry-tested solutions and insights across a variety of Data Warehousing/ Business Intelligence to Big Data disciplines that accelerate your organization's journey to growth, while managing massive amounts of data effectively.

High-Performance, Integrated Platform

At ISHIR, we have a team of Big Data experts who design and implement a high-performance, integrated platform to support a strategic architecture for Big Data.

Customized, Affordable Solutions

We, at ISHIR, provide you big data analytics solution that best fits your organizational needs, and is quite reasonably priced.

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