Who we are

We are a team of innovators and problem solvers on a mission to revolutionize how digital products are built by leveraging innovation acceleration, data insights, emerging technology (i.e. AI), user-experience design and global digital talent.

Build Software Right, First Time.

ISHIR is Dallas-based digital innovation & enterprise AI studio that empowers ambitious early-stage startups, growth businesses & enterprises to design and develop innovative, impactful digital products using talented Agile product team PODs.

Our clients realize real business returns from new technology initiatives because we arm them with our proprietary innovation & data/AI acceleration process and a best-in-class, experienced digital-first teams.

Working with us, our clients move faster, align their stakeholders early, reduce their project risk, with fewer costly rework, improve time-to-market and increase the impact of bringing new digital products to life.

For over two decades (since 1999), we have helped companies to harness the power of Scaled Agile, build innovative & scalable digital products, eliminate rework, leverage emerging technologies (Cloud, AI/ML, Automation), and build Hybrid agile PODs (offshore/nearshore/local) high-preforming digital product teams.

  • 1999


  • 247

    Team Members

  • 14

    Countries Talent Represented

  • 1134


  • 9.13

    Employee Satisfaction Score

  • 8.99

    Client NPS

  • 98%

    Remote Teams

  • 43%

    Women Team Members

  • 8+

    Average Team Members Tenure

  • $0


Want to know what makes us unique?

It’s a mix of these things:

We choose our team members very carefully. Our happy employees are the secret to great workmanship. We hire the best talent and make them better every day.

We ship your software fast in the hands of your end-users and help your software product beat the competition.

We don’t make you empty promises and low-ball contracts. We think long term and focus on the outcomes.

We understand your unique pain, build a solution, prototype, test, launch, maintain and repeat.

We continuously improve our own processes and have a high client retention rate and low team member attrition rate due to our awesome company culture that are proud of and protect so dearly.

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

We’re one of the few outsourcing companies in the world that can take a software product idea from thought to execution. From napkin sketch to a digital SaaS product.

Building the best digital products does not just mean hiring the best global teams but also having the proven discipline to execute the software product effectively. We believe in Product vs. Project mindset. We take outcomes seriously and are committed to making a positive impact to our client’s business.

Have a real problem to solve using a software and nobody to start building it?

We are your team to count on.

ISHIR is headquartered in Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas, with global team members from 14+ countries. Our global back-office located in New Delhi NCR (Noida) India supporting our organization worldwide.

Our Mission Statement

"At ISHIR, we will act as client's trusted advisor specializing in areas of technology and digital services to help achieve their business success."


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