Corporate Social Responsibility has always been an integral part of ISHIR’s business philosophy.

Being a progressive business also means doing the best for the environment and the communities that ISHIR becomes a part of. Our commitment to address important social needs extends throughout our business. Corporate social responsibility is not just a duty, its ISHIR’s way of life. An essential component of our corporate social responsibility is to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic, educational and environmental initiatives:

February 2019 ISHIR Celebrating Valentine's Day with the slum kids in Noida, India. A CSR activity for the month of February. Bringing a change together is one of our responsibility being a responsible citizen of the country.

March 2019 Promote Education'..ISHIR interacts with Slum Kids and give them a token of appreciation (study kit) to boost a sense of study in them

April 2019 With the help of the employees and volunteers we ran the cloths drive. Summers were already started so we thought of giving away the old clothes which are still our favorites but don’t fit us. The drive was to encourage the employees for making GIVING a habit.

May 2019 With the growing kid the choice of games and toys changes. So, we asked the employees to bring the toys which are lying in their houses but are no longer useful for their kids. We received around 150 toys. The team of volunteers helped distributing the toys to the underprivileged kids. We distributed these toys among the kids working on small shops, with some vendors and begging on street lights.

June 2019 It's greater than your routine day's job, when you do something as satisfying as this one. ISHIRites came forward and distributed Chabeel (Sharbat) to give respite to people out on roads to earn their livelihood under scorching sun and humidity. The act also inculcates sense of 'giving' among fellow ISHIRites, more than momentarily quenching thirst.

July 2019 ISHIR asked the employees to bring the pair of shoes to donate it to the underprivileged kids

August 2019 ISHIR Volunteers ran the plantation drive in Noida. They planted around 20 trees near a slum school and encouraged kids of slum areas to plant more and more trees to maintain the ecological balance. We usually visit the place to see the growth of the trees and watering the plants.

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