Simplifying, Improving Performance and Efficiency in Capturing data, Index and Storage

ISHIR has extensive experience in the Document Scanning and Document Information Management software solutions. We have worked on a number of engagements requiring us solve this acute business problem. Our main objective has been in simplifying the management of such content within an enterprise. Our Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) are custom built solutions that are the most powerful, complete full featured suites that assist in capturing, indexing using production level scanning systems. These systems have been stand alone or enterprise systems integrating with the most popular document management and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.


Efficient solution to convert paper records into electronic documents

Automate document capture processes and enhance enterprise productivity


Cost effective solution for document conversion process leveraging existing equipment

Comprehensive full featured solution that does not require you to invest in other expensive modules or systems


Our solutions have been widely used in small, medium and larger enterprise environments including industries such as financial institutions, government, healthcare, law firms, legal departments, and retail

Some of the popular features in such solutions have included

High speed scanning and indexing of hundreds of documents per minute into ECM systems or available to export into any other popular media
Ability to handle all scanning needs into one central location or simultaneously store it in multiple sites or locations
Eliminate manual process and keystrokes using the ability to process text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), barcodes, QR Codes or even handwriting
Verification and validation whether the data has been scanned or indexed properly using our proprietary data capture verifier
Automated procedures that reduce time in scanning and indexing
Minimize manual intervention using an expensive operator by automating import and export routines
Modules that integrate into leading document management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, Documentum, to name a few.
User friendly and intuitive interface that allows you to reduce time required to train internal staff
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