You can align your IT capabilities with your business needs with ISHIR’s managed services

The demands of business and new technologies is going to a new complexity level every few months. It becomes overwhelming for enterprises and their IT departments to keep up with this frequent change. In order to get to the next level of excellence, you can engage with ISHIR for our managed services. We can tailor our managed services to meet our client’s unique requirements, goals and business objectives. Our managed solutions can support your business during transformational periods, provide administrative services during steady operating state, and help stabilize your existing investments while we help you plan your future. As your business direction changes, ISHIR can quickly adapt to your business needs.

ISHIR has a dynamic portfolio of managed services capabilities which maintains control in the hands of our clients while remain flexible.

Our Benefits

Reduced IT costs
Increased efficiency and competitiveness as you engage with experienced and certified IT engineers
Stay focused on your core business and not get distracted with minor IT issues
Flexibility to scale up and down depending on your business needs
24X7 availability of dedicated helpdesk
Maximum uptime with comprehensive set of SLAs
Proactive monitoring and servicing of clients
Dedicated team of experts who are well aware of best practices
All your applications and servers can be centralized
No worry of building a resilient system or maintaining business continuity

How does it work?

We perform an initial assessment of your existing IT infrastructure and your existing processes. Our team then tries to understand your pain areas, and identify areas where we can make an immediate impact. We start off the engagement with a kick off meeting with the stakeholders and continuously monitor your infrastructure, manage skills and perform routine tasks by using our certified Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, and Lync Administrators.

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