Outsource your software development needs to a offshore IT services provider who’s confident and ready for the real-world cyber challenges

It is inevitable to be concerned about your data, applications and service delivery when you work with an outsourcing software development provider. Data security risks, cost risks, performance risks and data security risks are real when you’re considering offshore outsourcing. It becomes imperative for you to find an offshore Software Development Centre Security practices, at different levels, must be impenetrable, sturdy and mature.

ISHIR can help you prepare, protect, detect and manage every risk that comes with a offshore outsourcing software development project. Our cyber security team has deep industry expertise and ensure that they’re updated with next-gen security norms, at all times, to protect your business in every way.

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What makes ISHIR a secure offshore software development provider?

What makes ISHIR a secure offshore software development provider?

  • Segmented infrastructure systems for our internal use and for that of each of our clients
  • Multi-factor authentication Office365/ G-Suites or any email system
  • Advanced Threat Protection or ATP is used to track any unusual Office365 login activity (it helps to identify infected attachments)
  • Security policy that mandates password change regularly. The policy reinforces a stronger password for all users across network with mac binding
  • 24*7*365 physical security that restricts any unauthorized entry into the office premises
  • Security policy doesn’t allow mobile devices at production network
  • There are different Wi-Fi devices for employee phones
  • Critical transactions are verified only after CEO’s approval over telephone (and not email verifications)
  • Strong disaster recovery practices in plate
  • Updated firewall subscription
  • USB drives on all computers is disabled
  • Dedicated team for 24*7 infrastructure monitoring
  • Quarterly vulnerability and penetration scans
  • Regular patching of all systems
  • Strong data encryption policy
  • IP lockout policy prevents unauthorised access
  • Cyber security insurance
  • White hat hackers are given bonus on detecting any vulnerability
  • Employees are rewarded on identifying any vulnerability
  • Regular cyber security training
  • Regular information security training to clients

We use the following tools to mitigate your offshore outsourcing security risks.

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