Thinking of developing an AI-powered Xamarin app for your business?

Xamarin is a robust development platform, used for native and cross-platform applications. Xamarin uses C# programming language which is one of the most common languages used by developers all over the world and hence makes it more popular among the developers. This Microsoft owned platform has a large community and good support. Like a typical cross-platform app development, Xamarin also follows the same methodology where the code is written once and then it is optimized for other devices. Xamarin Native is extremely helpful in creating beautiful native-looking UIs and on the other hand, the shared logic layer helps the quick optimization for other platforms.

ISHIR has the squad of Xamarin experts who are dedicatedly working in mobile application development across different domains. We have supported clients from all over the globe and helped them to meet their requirements of cross-platform independency using Xamarin Forms.


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