ISHIR’s New Subsidiary BorderlessMind Promises Path – breaking Offshore Experience

Aug 82003BorderlessMind offers companies a New Avenue to access quality Offshore Services, and Staffing to fulfill Business Process Outsourcingand software development needs.

ISHIR, the premier Offshore Development Company has formed a new subsidiary, BoderlessMind, to augment its spectrum of offshore services offerings. BoderlessMind came into being on 6th August, 2003 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA. In order to provide high-quality and cost-effective services to corporates around the world, BorderlesssMind maintains an Offshore Competency Centre in New Delhi, India that provides the firm with highly technical IT and BPO resources.

BorderlessMind’s value proposition is help companies cut operational costs and improve return on investment (ROI) through establishment of “Virtual Teams” in its Offshore Center that work dedicatedly on client’s projects/processes and seamlessly serve as an extension of the office. BorderlessMind’s parent company, ISHIR has benefited many large-scale corporations and government institutions with the Offshore Delivery Model, completing ‘full-circle’ in strategic business value enhancement. BorderlessMind will build on the established and successful virtual team model of ISHIR and go a step further in establishing Offshore Branch Offices (OBO) for clients and partners.

BorderlessMind is a specialized firm offering unmatched offshore talent aggregation from India for large multi-nationals, corporations and institutions all over the world. With aspirations for carving a niche for itself in the offshore talent aggregation, BorderlessMind renders offshore staffing, establishment of offshore offices, offshore project management and varied offshore services like Offshore Business Process Outsourcing(BPO).

“Our proven talent aggregation methodology is designed to minimize turnaround time and maximize quality of talent. When you need talent to undertake project initiatives offshore, we provide you a single specialist or an entire team in a record time.” says Renuka Kulkarni. “At BorderlessMind, our teams will serve as a virtual extension of your internal resources. We will be your partners – through thick and thin – willing to bet our success on yours.” says Rishi Khanna.

BorderlessMind boasts of close relationships with hundreds of staffing firms and resources to form a wide network of talent sources. “By tapping BorderlessMind network one can locate the best people to work on their project initiative offshore.” says Sidharth Swarup. BorderlessMind has a large team of highly experienced technically sound professionals already onboard work towards thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements and needs at every level to ensure success of using offshore talent. The primary objective at BorderlessMind is to help you augment a team offshore in a record time on as need basis.

Various IT and IT enabled-services (ITES) needs of clients are met with efficiency through deployment of a dedicated team in India, the foremost offshore destination. “Easy packages starting at $1,600 per offshore resource stand to benefit companies in USA that are looking forward to cut costs and improve return on investment during such difficult economic times.” says Tariq Shah. Strategic reduction of operational costs and improvement of overall enterprise efficiency using talent are the drivers behind the birth of BorderlessMind.

About BorderlessMind

BorderlessMind is a professional services firm dedicated to making offshore services work for their customers. BorderlessMind is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and maintains an offshore competency center in New Delhi, India where a team of over 70 professionals work synchronizing efforts and objectives for clients around the globe. The company has an impressive track record of delivering business value through offshore model and has helped many clients world-wide save precious money through Offshore service delivery. For more information, please check the site,

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