Our CEO, Rishi Khanna, recently attended the EY Entrepreneurs Accelerated event in Dallas, brimming with valuable insights for startups and businesses alike!

Here are some thought-provoking takeaways Rishi shared:

1. The future of work is AI-driven: Artificial intelligence is poised to impact a staggering 66% of US jobs. Businesses need to be prepared to adapt and leverage AI for growth.

2. Strike while the iron’s hot: Investors shouldn’t wait for the “perfect” opportunity – current market conditions present exciting possibilities.

3. Tech disruption drives inflation: Tech advancements are a factor in rising costs. Business leaders must find ways to offset these costs, potentially through strategic technology investments.

4. Partner up for success: Large companies are increasingly seeking partnerships with startups to access innovative ideas and untapped markets.

5. Negotiate with confidence: Founders deserve fair compensation. Striking a balance between personal salary and company growth is crucial.

6. Investment wisdom: Don’t settle for the wrong investors. Raise capital strategically at the right time, even in challenging markets.

7. Alignment is key: Seek investors who share your company’s mission, vision, and values for a long-term, successful partnership.

8. The AI revolution is here: AI-powered solutions are poised to transform industries. Stay ahead of the curve by familiarizing yourself with these trends.

9. The rise of the “autonomous agents”: We can expect to see a significant increase in the use of autonomous agents in the near future.

The event offered an incredible platform for Rishi to connect with industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs. He gained valuable insights on the current economic climate, fundraising strategies, talent acquisition, and actionable AI implementation for accelerated growth.

The panelists provided not only enriching discussions but also practical advice that Rishi is eager to put into action at ISHIR. We’re all looking forward to what the future holds!

Here are some of the glimpse of the event:

EY Entrepreneurs Accelerated event in Dallas

EY Entrepreneurs Accelerated event in Dallas

EY Entrepreneurs Accelerated event in Dallas

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