Our CEO, Rishi Khanna attended an enlightening panel at the SMU Cox School of Business Southwest Venture Forum discussing AI’s profound impact on business and entrepreneurship.

Here are some of the insights shared By Rishi:

  • 83% of organizations are exploring AI! Here’s a breakdown of the insights we gleaned:

Impact & Opportunities:

  • AI’s reach extends across industries, with potential to automate tasks and enhance customer experiences in countless ways.

David’s Focus:

  • Building solutions that truly deliver value to customers should be a top priority for AI startups.
    VC Insights:
  • Knowing when to approach VCs, understanding deal terms, and preparing for the ever-evolving venture landscape is key.

Challenges to Address:

Privacy, ethics, and monetization strategies remain crucial considerations as AI integrates with our businesses.

Are you working on AI projects or looking to build capabilities? Share your insights and opportunities with us!

Here is the glimpse of the event:

SMU Dallas


SMU Dallas

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