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There is tremendous pressure on enterprises to enhance customer experience and speed up their go-to-market without losing focus on profitability. Unfortunately, such pressures burden the in-house testing teams and it becomes a hurried and rushed process.

ISHIR’s Quality Assurance (QA) and Independent Testing services ensure that applications are rigorously tested using industry-standard testing methods and QA processes. With the perfect set of testing professionals, ISHIR reduces your testing cycle, lowers your capital expenditure and assures a bug-free and high-quality application or software.

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ISHIR’s Independent Testing Services

We offer independent QA and Testing Services spanning the entire software release lifecycle. It includes creating test plan and test cases, execution, defect reporting, defect analysis, risk assessments and providing recommendations.

    Software Verification and Validation

  • Black Box/Functionality Testing
  • End to End Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Configuration/Compatibility Testing
  • Installation/Integration Testing
  • Security/Vulnerability Testing
  • White Box/Structural Testing
  • Internationalization/Localization Testing

    Performance Engineering Services

  • Load Testing
  • Endurance Testing
  • Spike Testing
  • End to End Transaction Testing
  • Performance Tuning
  • Architectural Benchmarking
  • Capacity Planning
  • 24×7 Monitoring Service
  • Performance Consulting

    Test Automation

  • Consulting
  • Automated Testing
  • Implementation

    Software QA and Process Consulting

  • Process Consulting
  • Test Strategy and Management
  • Gap Analysis
  • Training

Why Outsource Independent Testing Services to ISHIR?

Independent testing environment which is objective, impartial and unbiased
To leverage on testing best practices available in the industry
To promote quality acceleration within your organization
To provide required focus on testing with greater accountability and traceability
To reduce risk and support after project launch
To mitigate financial risks and ensure cost containment
To improve productivity and turnaround time
Expertise on a range of testing tools

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