Agile Team Pods

We assemble an agile team (aka POD) you can trust with your product vision, who are equally passionate about the customer pain, have priority subject matter expertise or experience in your domain and we lead them to build a killer digital product.

Building a killer digital product is tough. Building a perfect team to build a killer digital product is tougher.

Here are some reasons why it is hard for startups and enterprises to build a great team (we are sure you can relate):

Global Talent Wars

Hard to attract rockstar talent

Attractive compensations

Generous stock options

Retention issues

Limited experience in managing awesome talent

Not all talent fits in. Here is what you are up against.

Lazy Freelancers

First of all they are pain to manage. They don't have the same goals as you. They want to delay the product timelines. End up pushing the launch. When they are not building the product for you they are selling their services to the next gig.

Unstoppable World

Using outdated development methods do not cut it in the fast paced post-Covid world we now live in. Where we need to beat the competition and achieve speed to market, iterate quickly and relaunch often. Agile teams know how to make this happen.

Clever Agencies

Traditional firms tie you down to inflexibility, endless legal paperwork, inefficient bureaucracy and needless to say outdated development methods that only lead to slow delivery and opposite of agility. Most of the time they low ball, so they can lock you down and you so they can build you product features that your users won't even use. But they will check the box since you signed the contract with the feature listed.

Pivot Pivot Pivot

Did we say Pivot yet. Being agile and quick to respond is even more important in the modern world. Adaptability in today's times is super important. Having an agile team that can keep up with the pace of change, adjusting your product features to the market needs - without burning the team out and burning money is critical.

Here is why ISHIR is a smarter choice:



01. Accelerated

Our agile teams leverage mature development process and AI tools to help build and deliver using faster turn around to effectively achieve your go-to-market goals. We can help you launch your digital product ASAP.


Top Talent

02. Top Talent

We build an agile POD with team of rockstars. They are available to you on full time or part time basis.



03. Flexibility

Commit to the initial product period and then have flexibility to pause, resume your monthly retainer to keep the team without burning unnecessary capital.



04. Scale

You can scale up or down based on the product roadmap to achieve agility at scale.



05. Transparency

Achieve complete transparency, real-time visibility and reporting of your product release and teams. What you see is what you get.


Open Door

06. Open Door

We encourage open door policy for you to call or chat with your team, provide real-time feedback, exchange ideas, and provide training.



07. Control

We build on your cloud infrastructure so you have access to all product code, repository, documentation all the time.



08. Experience

You get 1000+ years of collective software development and outsourcing experience instrumental to numerous successful product launches. Plus 25+ years of being in business and stability behind you.



09. Agility

You get accelerated delivery cycles between sprints based on end-user feedback, validated customer pain insights and business goals. We help you build your digital product iteratively.



10. Culture

Our proprietary talent acquisition process ensures we hire culturally-fit talent. Our culture by design and work traditions help attract and retain the best talent while we manage them through our empowering work environment.



11. Velocity

Mature product and project management that help you with sprint planning and predictable velocity to swift product delivery.



12. Growth

You can achieve product-led growth using customer-centric solutions where your product is the driver of customer acquisition, end-user adoption, faster sales conversion and growing your business.

Success Stories

How We Engage

Talent Workshops

A facilitated session to uncover where global talent needs and value they could bring to your business.

Hiring Process Assessment

An in-depth identification of the hiring process, interview, onboarding and integration of talent to your agile teams.