Rebuilding, Reimagining, Revolutionizing

A Health Care Story of Digital Resilience

TeleMedCo, a brainchild of passionate doctors and business leaders, emerged with a bold vision: transforming the Emergency Room experience through the power of technology. Driven by a desire to modernize, streamline, and expedite ER care for both patients and healthcare professionals, TeleMedCo embarked on a mission to leverage cutting-edge technological systems and processes.

The Background

The Emergency Room (ER) landscape faced a critical challenge: a significant portion of patients (50-80%) present with non-critical conditions. This leads to a cost burden for both patients and healthcare providers. The root cause? The time-intensive process of diagnosis and treatment, which often involves extensive testing and evaluation even for non-critical cases. This can lead to delays, misdiagnoses, and unnecessary financial strain.


Currently, the healthcare industry is massively expensive, doctors and hospitals often eat costs incurred in the diagnosis and treatment stages in the ER which in turn increase costs for patients. TeleMedCo, sought to address it through a technological solution. However, their ambitious goal required overcoming several hurdles:

  • Market buy-in: Securing hospital and doctor group adoption required a tangible proof-of-concept, a system they could experience and interact with.
  • Tech expertise gap: The TeleMedCo team lacked the in-house expertise for software, hardware, and AI development. They needed a technology partner who could:
    • Grasp the ER workflow and challenges.
    • Conceptualize a diagnostic solution.
    • Develop a functional prototype for demonstration and sales purposes.


  • Native iPad app
  • Python
  • IBM Watson artificial intelligence integration
  • Real-time image recognition
  • Voice User Interface (speech to text and text to speech)
  • Video conferencing

Our Strategy

Develop a Proof-of-Concept Prototype: ISHIR developed a functional prototype focusing on automating the “chest pain protocol” – one of many protocols envisioned for the final product. This prototype served as a concrete example of TeleMedCo’s technology and its potential impact.

Harness the Power of AI:The prototype incorporated a voice user interface on an iPad app that interacted with patients. We integrated the app with IBM’s Watson, an advanced AI platform. This AI was trained to analyze and recognize specific conditions in chest X-rays and EKGs. Based on the analysis, the app could either:

  • Move the patient to a non-critical care protocol: This streamlined the process for patients with less severe cases.
  • Automatically initiate a video conference with a physician: This ensured immediate specialist attention for patients with identified irregularities in their X-rays or EKGs


Rapid Deployment: Despite the challenging timeline, ISHIR delivered a superior, customized solution that exceeded TeleMedCo's expectations for their previous platform.

Enhanced Functionality: The new platform went beyond simply restoring functionality, it significantly improved operations, oversight, forecasting, and reporting capabilities for the future.

Empowering Ownership: In line with our commitment, TeleMedCo retains full ownership and control of the intellectual property (IP) behind the solution. This empowers them to not only leverage it for their own success but also explore potential future revenue streams through white-labeling or licensing opportunities.


The successful collaboration between ISHIR and TeleMedCo has laid the foundation for a future brimming with innovation in the healthcare landscape. With a robust and scalable digital infrastructure in place, TeleMedCo is now well-equipped to:

  • Continuously improve and refine its services: The enhanced functionality of the new platform allows TeleMedCo to gather valuable data and insights, enabling them to continuously optimize processes and personalize patient care.
  • Embrace emerging technologies: The flexible and future-proof architecture of the solution allows TeleMedCo to seamlessly integrate emerging technologies like AI and telehealth, further enhancing the patient experience and operational efficiency.
  • Expand reach and impact: With a reliable and scalable platform, TeleMedCo can explore opportunities to expand its reach, potentially serving more patients and communities in need of efficient and effective emergency care.