Tired of complex software deployments and cumbersome desktop management? At ISHIR, we help businesses like yours unlock the power of application virtualization and packaging for a smoother, faster, and more secure IT experience.

Our dedicated team of experts leverages a proven process to package and virtualize your applications, ensuring compatibility, conflict-free operation, and seamless delivery to your entire organization.

Say goodbye to deployment headaches and hello to:

  1. 1. Reduced costs and IT burden
  2. 2. Improved user experience and productivity
  3. 3. Enhanced security and compliance

Benefits of Using App Virtualization and Software Packaging Service:

  • Faster deployment: Applications can be deployed and made available to users quickly, without individual installations on each device.
  • Reduced costs: IT teams can manage and update applications centrally, saving time and resources.
  • Improved security: Applications are isolated from each other and the operating system, which helps to reduce the risk of malware and security breaches.
  • Increased compatibility: Applications can be virtualized to run on different devices, regardless of the operating system.

Application Virtualization & Software Packaging Services Includes

OS Deployment & Standardization

Streamline OS rollouts and upgrades to Windows 10 and 11, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your organization.

Remediation of your existing PC estate

Leverage advanced automation tools to optimize your existing PC estate for improved performance and security.

Centralized Management

Use the latest Microsoft System Center solutions to gain centralized control over desktops and servers, simplifying administration and reducing costs.

Staff Augmentation

Access skilled professionals to augment your team during critical periods of high demand or virtualization initiatives, ensuring smooth project execution.

Software Packaging Process We Follow


Dedicated Onsite Application Packaging/sequencing Management components

  • SME (subject matter expert)
  • Applications Packaging/sequencing Prioritization
  • SLA Measurement
  • Onsite QA Team for Application Testing through software center.
  • Distribution and Deployment of Applications to production environment.

Dedicated Onsite/Offshore Application Packaging/Sequencing & Deployment Components

  • Onsite/Offshore core Team
  • Intake Documentation Validation
  • Source Validation provided by the Client
  • Setting up the Infrastructure for Packaging/Sequencing
  • Application Packaging/Sequencing by following the Intake documentation
  • Manual Application Testing in testing environment at packager's end

Applications Distribution and Deployment Components

  • Applications Distribution and Deployment Components
  • Automated Application Testing in testing environment using software center at packager's end.
  • Handover the Application to Onsite QA team for User Acceptance Testing

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