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ISHIR Cloud Assessment Workshop (One Day)

Your organization can learn how to leverage cloud computing with Windows Azure in just a day. ISHIR offers a unique one day assessment workshop that helps engage your organizations key stakeholders to analyze the viability of cloud computing and assess the economic impact of the Windows Azure platform for your targeted set of business applications. This assessment will enable creation of a practical roadmap for Windows Azure adoption including migration, co-existence and integration strategy for existing assets.

During the assessment, you will quickly and easily gain insights into leveraging cloud computing with Windows Azure including economic modeling, technical considerations, as well as outline the challenges and risks for your business. As a result of the assessment, you will receive recommendations on strategic roadmap planning and high-level estimates to guide your future planning and decision making. Lastly, you will walk away with a solid understanding of how cloud computing with Windows Azure will benefit your organization.

ISHIR Cloud Readiness Assessment

The ISHIR Cloud Readiness Assessment spans over two to four weeks, enabling enterprises to develop a cloud adoption roadmap by assessing the economic impact and evaluating application portfolio readiness. ISHIR provides a review of the current state of your enterprise application portfolio, rationalize the portfolio using a multi-dimensional analysis of application characteristics, evaluate cloud readiness of key applications, and assess the economic impact using a unique TCO modeling tool.

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