From Paper to Powerful Insights:

How ISHIR Streamlined Data Collection for a Leading Event Marketing Company

This event marketing company, specializing in creating engaging live experiences for consumer-focused clients like Ford, needed a way to streamline their data collection process. Traditionally, they relied on paper raffles and manual data entry for events hosted across the country. To improve efficiency and capture richer data insights, ISHIR built a mobile-first data capture platform. This platform allows for quick and easy data collection at events, reducing capture time and increasing the amount of valuable data available to the client through a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Industry: Marketing / Advertising
  • Services: UI/UX Design, Development, Maintenance
  • Platform: iOS (iPad), Web Application

The Background

You ever entered a raffle for a prize like a tricked-out truck at a sporting event? This company creates those engaging live experiences for major brands like Ford. They capture valuable customer data through swag giveaways and raffle entries, putting brands directly in the hands of hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Last year alone, they connected Ford with over 400,000 consumers and generated tens of thousands of leads each weekend for their brand partners, boosting brand interaction and driving customers to stores.


The challenge here was to replace the legacy of a paper-based data collection system with a digital solution for a large, geographically dispersed network. ISHIR needed to develop an iPad application that could function flawlessly under a multitude of variables. These included: ensuring offline functionality for iPads that might lack consistent Wi-Fi or data access, maintaining robust security protocols for sensitive user information, and preventing any data loss, which is critical for both the company and its clients.

The overall goal was to architect and build a mission-critical solution that could seamlessly transition a complex data capture process into a secure and reliable digital format.

Our Strategy

ISHIR’s solution transformed the data collection process for the event marketing company. We created a system that allowed for real-time survey creation, testing, and modification. These changes could be dynamically pushed to all iPads across the distributed network, even during ongoing events. This flexibility empowered the company to tailor questions and gather data in the most efficient way possible.

The scalable solution could handle a fluctuating number of iPads, events, and entries. It could seamlessly adapt to manage anything from small gatherings to high-volume events capturing over 20,000 entries in a single day. To ensure data security and capture even in offline scenarios, ISHIR’s solution enabled local data storage on each iPad. Additionally, continuous background syncing guaranteed that all captured information was uploaded whenever an internet connection became available, eliminating the risk of data loss.

To expedite development and reduce costs, ISHIR leveraged Amazon’s SDK, minimizing the need for custom coding. Furthermore, they prioritized data security by implementing top-tier features that protected sensitive user information and ensured data integrity throughout the capture process. Finally, ISHIR built a custom backend admin panel that not only facilitated faster survey creation but also provided valuable dashboards. These dashboards gave the event marketing company and their clients real-time insights into event effectiveness, key performance indicators (KPIs), and overall data trends.


ISHIR’s solution transformed the event marketing company’s data collection process, delivering significant benefits across multiple areas:

  • Increased Efficiency: Survey construction time was significantly reduced, freeing up valuable staff resources. Additionally, by eliminating paper forms and manual data entry, the solution minimized errors caused by staff or customers, streamlining data collection and reducing processing time. This efficiency allowed the company to either monitor more customers per event with existing staff or capture a greater volume of data overall.
  • Enhanced Data Quality: The digital platform eliminated errors associated with manual data entry and physical forms. This ensured data accuracy and integrity, providing the company and its clients with reliable information for analysis and lead generation.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The solution seamlessly scaled to accommodate a fluctuating number of iPads, events, and entries. This adaptability empowered the company to handle diverse event sizes, from small gatherings to high-volume events capturing tens of thousands of entries.
  • Real-Time Insights: The custom backend admin panel with its insightful dashboards provided the company and its clients with real-time visibility into event performance. This allowed for data-driven decision making, enabling them to optimize surveys and maximize lead generation during events.
  • Reduced Costs: ISHIR leveraged Amazon’s SDK to streamline development, minimizing custom coding requirements and reducing project costs.


  • Advanced Data Analytics: By leveraging the rich data collected through the platform, the company can delve deeper into customer demographics and engagement patterns. This data can be used to personalize future events, tailor marketing campaigns, and optimize lead generation efforts.
  • Real-Time Lead Scoring: The platform has the potential to integrate with real-time lead scoring tools. This would enable the company to prioritize leads based on their level of engagement and purchase intent, allowing for a more targeted approach to customer outreach.
  • Emerging Technologies: As technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to evolve, there’s potential to integrate them with the platform. This could lead to further automation of data analysis, real-time insights generation, and even predictive lead scoring capabilities.