Express Chiropractic and Wellness Center is a growing chiropractic franchise brand owned and operated by local chiropractors. The client developed a new model for chiropractic and massage care after witnessing the frustrations of his patients and staff when dealing with the hassles of insurance and expensive care plans.

The Business Challenge

The client contacted ISHIR team to revamp their existing mobile application keeping it current features intact and developing new features to give the application a complete makeover. The existing mobile application was based on react native and the backend for the admin was based on ReactJs.

Considering client's request our mobile expert team proposed the idea of moving the existing mobile application framework from React Native to Flutter. As ISHIR team has a profound experience in developing Flutter mobile application it did not seem like a difficult task. We built an application that helped client's customers to connect with their local chiropractor and experience chiropractic services at their services at their comfort.

Project Goals

The major project goal was to develop an intuitive application for customers who are looking for chiropractic services in Texas.The application should be user friendly for customers to access content in form of articles and videos related to chiropractic services and other fitness health related content. To keep the app functionality simple while incorporating multiple features was a major look-out. Incorporating push notifications, updating the clinics timings in real-time and features like self care, user dashboard had to clearly planned in order to provide a neat UI and UX to end users.Our team made sure that each of the client's needs and vision is met and incorporated into the app.

Project Approach

Leveraging the years of industry experience a holistic approach was followed to successfully transform the existing framework of the mobile application to Flutter.The reason why team adopted Flutter over React Native was:

  • Flutter offers customizable widgets to build native interfaces
  • Hot Reload features helps you to quickly and easily build UI and add further features.
  • Flutter is undoubtedly faster than React Native as it offers direct connection with the device native components.

Design Phase

To give the application a complete makeover, our team began with crafting a design prototype to understand the complete application functionality.

The wireframe of the application is designed in a way to make the app feel more structured and organized. The neat and clean layout of the app gives the users benefit to find what they are looking for. Our user experience expert team carried out regular checks and tests to make sure that the app is easy-to-navigate and intuitive.

After receiving a go-ahead from the client we moved ahead with the further stages of our mobile app development process. ISHIR’s agile mobile application development process improves the quality across each granular task and this iterative approach derives in a steady stream of improvements that is diligently executed to achieve transformational results.

Development Phase

After planning the technical architecture and defining the development milestones we began with the back-end and front-end development. The app development phase was completed by keeping in regard all the feedback from the client.We ensured that the development phase was completed in time so that we deliver the app to the client within the stipulated deadline. The QA team made sure that there were no bugs and the application is working perfectly.

Meanwhile the admin section was developed on the react js. The admin interface allows the client to update content on the application and

To engage user with the best opportunities, the application comes with modules such as articles and videos’. This enables the user to view different content related to chiropractors and exercise for keeping your body balance and control.


The Express Chiropractic has helped thousand of users to access to great chiropractic wellness care at ease and affordability. The app currently has 2000+ downloads across Texas.

Team ISHIR took on the job of market research, strategy development, design, and engineering. We worked through a dozen design concepts and leveraged the best technology to successfully create an unforgettable mobile experience for the end-users.

Technologies Used