Free Assisted Setup with Office 365 by ISHIR

ISHIR, a Dallas based Office 365 consultant, provides free Office 365 setup assistance for the Do It Yourself (DIY) cloud community. To take advantage of our special offer you just need to procure your service through ISHIR.

How does this work?

Step  1 –  You complete web form requesting ISHIR to get back to you to answer any questions you may have about Microsoft Office 365.

Step  2 –  We will reply back to you with the link via email to sign up for Office 365. Microsoft requires you to make the purchase directly from them. However, the link we provide lets Microsoft know that ISHIR is your “Partner of Record” (POR). This is an important distinction for us as a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner.

Step 3 – Once we get a confirmation that you have made the purchase through Microsoft we are ready to provide you with Microsoft Office 365 assisted setup and technical support. It is that simple.

Our Free Office 365 Setup Assistance from ISHIR Includes:

Admin Setup – We will walk you through via a web meeting how to setup your environment and show you what you need to know about Admin console. This will include a tour of the selected products administrative controls. This is great for DIY cloud experts.

User Configuration – We will check over your user settings to ensure that you comply with best practices of Microsoft Office 365. We can also answer any questions you have about security and permissions about Microsoft Office 365.

Support – We provide you with up to two hours of support for Microsoft Office 365 in case you run into trouble.

Learning Center – You will get exclusive access to Microsoft Office 365 Learning Center with how to videos, tutorials, and an open forum for the Office 365 user community.

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