Hyatt Restaurants web portal was specially designed to integrate all the Hyatt-owned restaurants in one place. ISHIR created a web portal to provide a simple and convenient way for food lovers to explore Hyatt Restaurants worldwide.


Food enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the best restaurants around them so that they can enjoy mouth-savoring delights. To serve its customers better, Hyatt Restaurants wanted a one-stop destination for all of its needs.

Our team of professionals worked to develop the Hyatt Restaurants web portal in order to assist their customers in their quest for delicious food. Hyatt Restaurants portal has brought all its owned restaurants under one roof so that you can explore them sitting at your home. Hyatt Restaurants has made it possible for people to know the restaurant better before leaving to dine in.

The portal helps people to know more about the restaurants, their features, highlights, and service. The home page of the Hyatt Restaurants web portal is where you can select the desired city. After selecting the city you can see all the listed restaurants at one place. You will have to enable your device location to view all Hyatt restaurants in the nearby 50 km radius.

The home page enables the customers to look at the restaurant's exclusive photos of the dining area and interiors

The individually dedicated restaurant page at the portal helps you to get acquainted with the dining interiors and decide if the vibe is suitable for you.

Dining out is a happy moment for people. That is why our team ensured that we have a basic understanding of all the crucial points to meet the client's expectations.

The team worked closely with Hyatt Restaurants to understand all their needs so that all the essential pointers can be included in the portal design model. The online portal is user friendly and gives you a brief tour of


Hyatt Restaurants online portal and its features help Hyatt Restaurants to make reservations for general dining or special occasions at ease.

Another important feature incorporated by our team in the Hyatt Restaurants portal is the rating and feedback section. The ratings and review of the customers help you to know the real experience of the ones who have visited the restaurant.

The reviews feature was included in the Hyatt Restaurants portal design model to convince the people about the premium quality food and service provided by the Hyatt Restaurants through genuine customer reviews.

Another speciality of the portal is that it also has a dedicated section which introduces the restaurant’s head chefs and even updates several tasty recipes.

Our Strategy

The idea behind the Hyatt Restaurants web portal was to connect and bond with the people so that they trust Hyatt Restaurants owned restaurants to enjoy world-class cuisines.

Hyatt Restaurants’s motto was to end the quest for the restaurants by providing all the information related to it at one place.

Create – Our team worked with full dedication to developing a feature-rich web portal that includes all the essential aspects relevant to the restaurant in one place.

Learn – Our team followed every minute details provided by the client and worked hard to improve and improvise according to the client feedback. We gave priority to the client’s needs and expectations of the portal that we were designing.

How we work

Design Phase

Our team formulated a design based on the detailed information provided by the client. The working model was focused to develop a structured and organised portal. The importance was given to make the web portal user friendly so that people don’t face any issue finding while navigating through it.

The integrated system designed by our team gave freedom to restaurant owners to handle the updates about their restaurant on the website. The restaurant owners can update their own premium offers, discounts, special festive menus and other services offered exclusively at their restaurant on the website. The portal also allowed the customers to view the best restaurants in the vicinity of 50 kms in order to get the best dining experience of their life. The portal is highly responsive and is totally about channelising the customers' needs to the right restaurant.

The experts designed the integrated web portal to ensure that all the photos shared by the restaurants on their Instagram profile get automatically updated on their Hyatt Restaurants website page as well.

Development Phase

The development phase was the most challenging one for the team. To successfully deliver the project the team ensured that they strictly adhered to every feedback provided by the client. The aim was to include all the features without making the portal design complicated or messy.

The work experience and knowledge of the team helped them to stand up to the standard as expected by our client.


  • • PHP programing language with Framework Laravel
  • • Database: MongoDB
  • • Email service: AWS (SES)
  • • Code Version Controlling: GIT
  • • Third party Integration: Reserve out and TMS
  • • Social platform Integration: Instagram and Facebook

The value we delivered

Our previous work experience assisted us to complete and deliver the project in the stipulated time frame. The close association with the client made the communication channel easy which benefited the pace of the workflow.

Our designed portal helped the client to grow its business exponentially. Hyatt Restaurants currently has a daily user access rate of over 5000+. The online portal now has approximately 132 hotels and 455 restaurants listed in around 84 cities covering 35 countries worldwide. We ensure growth and development in all phases!

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