The collectible sports memorabilia market suffers from a significant problem

The collectible sports memorabilia market suffers from a significant problem: counterfeiting. To combat this issue, a company with a patented technology called Legit approached ISHIR. Legit’s innovative solution utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology embedded in sports memorabilia tags. Consumers can then interact with these tags using their Android smartphones to verify the authenticity of the item. This not only empowers collectors but also helps reduce fraudulent activity within the marketplace. ISHIR was entrusted with developing the Android version of the Legit app, a crucial component of this authentication system.


  • Industry: Sports
  • Services: Software
  • Platform: Android

The Background

Frustrated by a personal encounter with a forged memorabilia item (a fake signature on a Cowboys helmet, no less!), NFL legend Emmitt Smith founded Prova Group. Driven by a desire to ensure authenticity in the sports memorabilia market, Prova created an innovative platform that tackles issues throughout the collector’s journey. Firstly, the platform empowers collectors with tools to verify the legitimacy of their purchases. Secondly, it fosters a direct connection between brands and collectors, potentially opening doors for unique experiences. Finally, Prova offers additional value-added services specifically catered to collectors’ needs


Prova Group had already established a system for tagging and verifying the authenticity of memorabilia using scanning technology. However, their system lacked a crucial element: an Android application. This was a significant gap considering Android’s dominance in the mobile operating system market. Prova had previously collaborated with other developers to bridge this gap, but none were successful in creating an Android app that met their stringent security and authentication requirements. This is where ISHIR stepped in, offering their expertise to develop a secure and functional Android solution for Prova’s authentication system.

Our Strategy

ISHIR tackled the development challenges that had stumped Prova’s previous partners by implementing a multi-pronged strategy:

  1. NFC Integration: They seamlessly weaved Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into the app, enabling users to interact with tagged memorabilia using their Android smartphones.
  2. Custom WAMP Library: A bespoke Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) library was developed to facilitate secure and efficient communication between the app and Prova’s backend system.
  3. Robust Security Solutions: ISHIR prioritized security by incorporating robust security solutions to safeguard the entire authentication process.
  4. Agile Development Methodology: They leveraged their unique continuous delivery agile methodology to ensure efficient development, rapid iteration, and seamless delivery of the Android application. This iterative approach likely involved frequent testing and feedback loops to ensure the app met Prova’s requirements.


ISHIR exceeded expectations on multiple fronts. Firstly, they delivered the initial phase of development in just six weeks, surpassing the planned eight-week timeframe.

This efficient development process not only saved Prova time but also potentially reduced costs. Following delivery, ISHIR transitioned to a maintenance phase, ensuring the app’s continued functionality until Prova was ready to embark on the next development phase. Furthermore, ISHIR’s cost-effective approach allowed Prova to stay within their original budget while even incorporating additional features into the application.

The success of the project has led to Prova exploring white-labeling opportunities with various retail brands, a move that has the potential to significantly expand market reach, customer base, and revenue generation.



With Legit innovative technology, the future of the collectible sports memorabilia market is bright. Here’s a glimpse of what lies ahead:

  • Increased trust and transparency: Legit authentication solution will foster greater trust between buyers and sellers, leading to a more vibrant and active market.
  • Reduced counterfeiting: The widespread adoption of Legit’s technology will make it significantly harder for counterfeiters to infiltrate the market, protecting collectors and investors.
  • Enhanced value of authentic memorabilia: As counterfeiting becomes less prevalent, the value of genuine collectibles is likely to rise, making them even more attractive investments.
  • New opportunities for collectors: Legit technology could open up new opportunities for collectors, such as fractional ownership of valuable memorabilia or secure online marketplaces.

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