ISHIR Crafts a Personalized Mobile Experience for Medical Professionals

Naturally Slim is a science-backed weight loss program built on the latest knowledge of nutrition and obesity. Designed by medical professionals and inspired by successful clinical programs, it has the stamp of approval from respected doctors, hospitals, and organizations. This program caters to both individuals seeking personal weight loss and companies looking to improve employee well-being by offering it as part of their corporate wellness initiatives.



Naturally Slim’s success hinges on consistent user engagement, which traditional methods might not achieve. While a mobile app offers convenient access to the program, simply creating one isn’t enough.

Here’s why:

  • Retention and Engagement: Many learning tools struggle with user drop-off and information retention.
  • Behavior Change: Weight loss requires not just education but also a shift in behavior patterns.
  • Large and Active User Base: Updates and features need to perform flawlessly from launch to cater to the extensive user community.


  • Native iOS App
  • Native Android App
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • API creation
  • AWS
  • Banner integration
  • Microsoft Q&A Maker
  • Chatbot
  • Post-release support
  • Versioning

Our Strategy

ISHIR recognized the potential of Naturally Slim’s program and took a strategic approach to address common pain points in corporate mobile learning tools. Here’s how they delivered a comprehensive solution:

  • Native Mobile Apps:ISHIR developed dedicated iOS and Android apps, ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices.
  • Customized Learning Management System (LMS):A robust LMS was integrated within the app, providing a centralized platform for managing learning content, user progress, and performance data.
  • Interactive Video Content:The web portal housed a library of highly engaging video content, promoting knowledge retention and a more dynamic learning experience.
  • Assessment and Feedback:Interactive quizzes were implemented to assess information retention and provide users with personalized feedback and affirmation.
  • Goal Tracking and Reporting:A goal-tracking system was integrated to motivate users and offer valuable data for both individual users and corporate partners.
  • Customizable Video Player:The video player offered a unique feature: it prevented fast-forwarding while enabling offline viewing, ensuring users focused on the content but maintained flexibility in their learning schedule.
  • Eating Experience Tool with Photo-Journaling:An innovative tool allowed users to document their eating habits through photos, facilitating self-monitoring and promoting mindful eating habits.
  • Wearable Integration:Seamless integration with wearable devices allowed for precise health data tracking and enhanced user convenience.
  • Data Analytics and Feedback Loop:All user data and analytics were fed back to Naturally Slim, enabling them to continuously improve the program and provide detailed reports to their corporate clients.



ISHIR’s strategic approach transformed Naturally Slim’s corporate wellness program. By creating a customized mobile solution tailored to the modern user, ISHIR ensured a smooth user experience for a large and active monthly user base. This innovative platform empowered users to take charge of their health, leading to impressive results:

  • 50% of Naturally Slim patients reversed their metabolic syndrome.
  • 29% reversed their elevated fasting glucose.
  • 40% reversed their elevated triglycerides.
  • 31% reversed their high blood pressure.
  • On average, users lost 10.6 pounds.

Beyond user success, ISHIR’s solution also improved data accessibility and reporting for both Naturally Slim and its corporate clients. This valuable data provides crucial insights to optimize the program and track user progress effectively.


With a successful foundation established, the future of Naturally Slim’s mobile learning program is brimming with potential. ISHIR’s commitment to innovation paves the way for exciting advancements

  • Personalized Learning Experiences:Future iterations of the app will leverage user data to deliver a more tailored experience. Imagine customized learning paths, targeted goal setting, and content recommendations based on individual needs and progress.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: New features can further boost user engagement.
  • Data-Driven Insights:As user data continues to accumulate, ISHIR and Naturally Slim can unlock even deeper insights. This data can be used to refine program elements, identify at-risk users for early intervention.

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