From Chaos to Clarity: Building a Marketplace for Construction Equipment Rentals

ISHIR takes pride in our flexible approach to client engagement. We offer a full spectrum of services, from initial design concepts to complete construction and implementation. We’re also happy to jump in and revitalize struggling projects. A recent example is our partnership with ProsRent. This startup competition winner needed help transforming their seed funding into a minimum viable product (MVP) to launch quickly.ISHIR designed and built the initial version of their platform, laying the groundwork for a future offering that will grow in scale and complexity over time. We were happy to be a part of their journey from the very beginning.


  • Industry: Construction
  • Services: Design, Development, Testing
  • Platform: Web Application


The Background

ProsRent, a startup aiming to revolutionize construction equipment rental, took home both the “Best Financial Opportunity” and “Best Pitch” awards at CodeLaunch 2016. This event specifically targets tech startups in the Midwest, connecting them with potential partners and investors.

The core issue ProsRent tackles is the difficulty construction professionals face in sourcing the heavy equipment they need, exactly when and where they need it. Traditionally, project managers and contractors rely on rental companies with limited inventory visibility. This often leads to wasted time and money. If a preferred supplier doesn’t have the required equipment, scrambling to find it elsewhere usually means higher prices and potentially higher delivery costs due to longer distances.

ProsRent offers a solution that benefits both sides of the market. Construction companies gain access to a wider range of equipment through a single platform, eliminating the need to search multiple vendors. Additionally, ProsRent aims to provide more transparent pricing based on real-time demand and availability. For equipment suppliers, ProsRent expands their customer base by connecting them with a network of pre-vetted renters. They can also leverage ProsRent’s platform to implement dynamic pricing strategies based on market conditions. In essence, ProsRent acts as a bridge, streamlining the equipment rental process for both construction professionals and equipment suppliers.


ProsRent identified a significant inefficiency in the construction industry: the difficulty of sourcing and renting heavy equipment. Their innovative solution, a digital marketplace connecting contractors with equipment suppliers, has the potential to revolutionize the market..


Developing a minimum viable product (MVP) that achieves two critical goals:

  • Speed to Market: Be the first mover and establish a dominant market share before competitors emerge.
  • User Adoption: Deliver a robust and user-friendly platform that fosters user loyalty and repeat business from construction professionals and equipment suppliers.

Our Strategy

ISHIR’s strategy focused on building a comprehensive rental platform that catered to both equipment suppliers and construction renters.

Supplier Portal:

  • Simplified Equipment Management: A user-friendly portal allows suppliers to easily list, price, and track their available equipment for rent.
  • Inventory Management Tools: Built-in features streamline inventory management for suppliers.
  • Granular User Access Control: Role-based permissions ensure secure access for different platform users.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Powerful dashboards provide suppliers with valuable insights into their inventory and rental activity.
  • Dynamic Pricing Models: Suppliers can set, modify, or program dynamic pricing schedules based on market conditions, optimizing revenue opportunities.

Responsive Web App for Renters:

  • Seamless Equipment Search: Renters can leverage powerful search tools to find exactly the equipment they need, with filters for location, type, specifications (drivetrain, undercarriage, capacity, horsepower), and more.
  • Expanded Vendor Network: The platform provides access to a wider range of rental vendors, eliminating the need for time-consuming individual inquiries.
  • Transparent Pricing:Renters benefit from complete transparency in pricing, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Streamlined Rental Process:Standardized account management removes the need for individual accounts with every vendor and simplifies upfront payments.
  • Accessibility:The responsive web app allows renters to access the platform and manage rentals from anywhere with an internet connection.

This comprehensive solution streamlines the equipment rental process for both construction professionals and suppliers, fostering user adoption and repeat business.



ProsRent’s innovative concept for revolutionizing construction equipment rental faced a hurdle – it lacked the technological foundation to become a reality. ISHIR stepped in to bridge this gap, providing the expertise and experience necessary to transform the idea into a functional product. This included building a web portal, back-end architecture, mobile app, and integrating payment processing systems – essentially creating the entire digital ecosystem that would power ProsRent’s business. In short, ISHIR didn’t just deliver value, they delivered ProsRent’s entire mission.



With a robust digital platform in place, ProsRent is poised for significant growth. The fully-functional web portal, mobile app, and integrated payment systems empower them to efficiently connect renters with construction equipment, streamlining the rental process and unlocking new revenue streams. ISHIR’s partnership extends beyond the initial build. Looking ahead, ISHIR will continue to collaborate with ProsRent, providing ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the platform remains scalable and secure as the company expands its reach. This ongoing partnership will be instrumental in helping ProsRent solidify its position as a leader in the construction equipment rental market.