Intuitive Web Application for connecting athletes and unifying Football and cheer leagues in Texas

The client is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1995. It is one of the largest independent Leagues in USA, the largest in Texas. The organization’s mission is to provide young athletes with opportunities to compete and win at some of the highest levels of youth football and cheer in an environment free from discrimination and prepare the athletes for lifelong contributions to society; to embrace equality, academic achievement and diversity through competition of sport.

The Business Challenge

The Client's primary vision was to create a user friendly web application that acts as a catalyst for stimulating football and cheer in the State of Texas and to play a major role in unifying all the leagues in Texas under one set of rules. However client's existing system was obsolete and lacked automation.

Another major challenge the client was facing with the existing system was scalability and unresponsiveness to different devices. In today's scenario any successful web application needs to be seamless and efficiently accommodate growth, and be designed with scalability in mind. A scalable web application handles an increase in users and load, without disrupting the end users. So creating a scalable web application was another primary task for ISHIR team.

The second major challenge was the UI of the application, even to make slightest small changes in the system required users to take support from developers. The system used chromebook to take pictures of athletes and volunteers, and it was cumbersome to carry chromebooks to all locations.

Project Goals

To break the project into simple parts, we classified the client's vision into different project goals that were required to achieve the kind of web application that was planned:

Intuitive and User Friendly Design

A well-designed site to helps users travel through your site with ease. One of the primary goals of the project was to build an intuitive, modern product that will help users to connect better and travel through the website with ease.


We wanted to make sure that the web application helps users achieve their goals and gets the job done, quickly and properly. To achieve this ISHIR's team created separate and individual dashboards for Athletes (Parents), Volunteers Organizations & TYFA Staffs and Super admin.

Our Approach

ISHIR follows a strict software development lifecycle process to develop better and implement the project management deliverables that are critical to support the project and make it successful.


The application is developed in cutting edge technologies Node.js, Angular 5 and for HTML layer Angular Material was being used. As the team was aware of the fact that slugginess and unresponsive nature could lead slowing down of the application, Node.js technology offered numerous benefits for web app development such as high scalability, ease of learning, extraordinary performance, profound extensiveness, active support from a large community.


The new application that was developed was automated wherein the admins could manage application features and components. The new application is fully responsive and renders on all mobile devices. The new system sends notification on mail and Twilio for sending Text Notifications. There are different third-party vendors used for important activities like background check, online examination, payments and signing contracts online.

To make the system fast and scalable, ISHIR configured different stakeholders' dashboard on different sub-domains. ISHIR's team created separate and individual dashboards for:

  • Athletes (Parents)
  • Volunteers
  • Organizations &
  • TYFA Staffs and Super admin

Dashboard with the statistics

The team developed the dashboard which have visual representation of all important data zation layer between the applications that would allow easy exchange of data in the required format.

Athlete and Volunteer Manager

Organizations and TYFA staff can add Athletes and Volunteers Manually as well in bulk using excel or CSV

Dashboards for Athletes

Parents can view pending activities for the certification of their kid(s) and can take action accordingly.

Athlete and Volunteer Manager

Organizations and TYFA staff can add Athletes and Volunteers Manually as well in bulk using excel or CSV

Other Modules

There are some other modules for Tyfa staff:

  • Organization Management
  • Area Management
  • Bracket Management
  • Title Management
  • Certification management
  • Find a person
  • Reset System
  • Holds Management
  • Bulk Pay Module
  • Bulk Move
  • Archive Data


ISHIR Team was able to deliver the web application within the decided timeframe and maintenance support was available around the clock. The application truly helps the client in achieving the goal of providing a medium for stimulating Football and Cheer in the State of Texas.

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