Google Alerts for Businesses – How to Use it for Better SEO

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The World Wide Web is a big hub of information. Being internet the new face of marketing, it is vital to have a good online presence for your business. However, to be successful in online world, you must always be aware of what is being said about your business. But it is almost impossible to explore each and every website or social media network to look out for reviews about your brand.


Google Alerts can help to a great extent to simplify this task for you. You simply have to set alerts for the queries you’re interested in say the mentions of your brand name, what your competitors are upto etc. Google Alerts will keep you sending alerts or emails whenever it encounters a result relevant to your query, as simple as that.


However, Google alerts can be an amazing tool, especially for SEOs and businesses, yet it is mostly overlooked. Here, we’ll share some innovative yet very basic Google Alerts usage tips, which can help you leveraging brand, authority, traffic, competitors’ strategy, link building opportunities and a lot more.

Monitor Your Brand and Products


Setting alerts for your brand name or business website or products etc., can help you in knowing what feedback your business is getting from the online community. You can leverage it for clearing any misconceptions about your business or products, answering any query being asked about your services, thanking your customers for writing any positive comments about you etc.


Spying on Competitors’ Strategies


Google Alerts offer an efficient but easy way to spy on your competitors. You simply have to setup alerts mentioning your competitors’ names & websites, and whenever Google sees any result mentioning their name, you’ll be informed right away. This way you can keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, what is getting published about them on web etc., and this way you learn about their strengths/ weaknesses, giving you better understanding of the strategies to outsmart them.


Leveraging Link Building Opportunities


Google alerts can prove really beneficial for discovering new link building opportunities. You can set alerts to hunt for almost all type of linking and content channels under your niche. Below here, we explained some queries that can be used to setup Google Alerts, to find link building opportunities such as niche blogs to comments on, guest posting sites, content posting channels, forum discussions, question/answers communities, press release sites and a lot more. For example, If you need to uncover link building opportunities for “Internet Marketing” niche, then your Google Alert queries can look like as follows:


Google Alert Queries for Finding Guest Posting Opportunities:

  • “write for us” Internet Marketing
  • “become a contributor” Internet Marketing
  • “guest author” Internet Marketing
  • “become an author” Internet Marketing


Google Alert Queries for Finding Forum Discussions:

  • “thread” Internet Marketing
  • “forum” Internet Marketing
  • “community” Internet Marketing
  • “Post a Reply” Internet Marketing


Google Alert Queries for Finding Content Posting Channels:

  • “submit a post” Internet Marketing
  • “submit an article” Internet Marketing
  • “post article” Internet Marketing
  • “Submit your article” Internet Marketing


Google Alert Queries for Finding Blog Commenting Niches:

  • “CommentLuv enabled” Internet Marketing
  • “Speak your mind” Internet Marketing
  • “Post a Comment” Internet Marketing


Now as you are aware of the power and usefulness of Google Alerts, take a step ahead and use your innovation to discover more ways where you can leverage Google Alerts to do wonders to your business. At last, just make sure to keep browsing through your alerts regularly to make most of it.







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