Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is the intelligent, scalable, cloud database service that provides the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility.

Azure SQL Database is now Azure Arc-enabled. You can run this service on premises on infrastructure of your choice with cloud benefits like automation, no end of support, unified management and a cloud billing model.

SQL Database managed instance gives us a smooth migration path for moving existing workloads to Azure with minimal technical reengineering.

Azure SQL Database provides following features:

Mission-critical performance and availability

It helps you to get limitless scalability and break through your apps’ performance barriers by using cloud-native solutions. Boost the performance and uptime of your apps with the highest business continuity and availability service-level agreements (SLAs) in the industry.

Built-in intelligence

Take advantage of the built-in intelligence based on the telemetry of millions of databases. You can run your workloads on autopilot with databases that automatically tune performance and improve reliability and data protection.

Unparalleled flexibility

You can create and manage your SQL databases from a single platform. Build and manage Azure Virtual Machines alongside SQL databases, pools and instances using a centralised management view. And, align your apps’ requirements with the right database resources using a simple guided experience.

ISHIR provides Microsoft Azure SQL Database services that include:

  • Evaluate the different cloud models available and select right combination of services and features for our clients.
  • Unbiased approach to select the best cloud strategy
  • Learn the best way to test/prototype cloud within your organization.
  • Assess the risks of moving data and applications outside of your organization
  • Achieve greater level of organization agility by allowing to execute upgrades and releases without stopping the existing running services.

As a leading service provider of Microsoft Azure SQL Database, ISHIR has a number of skilled administrators and experts. Our team has supported several clients across the globe for their database requirements.


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