At ISHIR, we understand our clients’ challenges and convert them into case studies.

Extensive support to ICG to generate reports

ISHIR provides extensive support to ICG to generate reports.

Developed web application for VoiceLessons

ISHIR develops web application for Voice Lessons. The team developed a collaborative platform using Angular 5 for teachers and students interested in music.

Improvised Chatterspot, an enterprise-level marketing platform of Tega Technologies

ISHIR's team helps migrate Chatterspot, an enterprise level relationship marketing platform from Tega Technologies.

Developed e-commerce solution for Aviators Market

ISHIR built a responsive platform with 'Post an Ad' feature and ability to scrape data from different websites for Aviators Market.

Developed auction platform for AucArt

ISHIR develops an Angular Material based auction platform for artists and bidders with a host of features.

Application Services to Address Global Professional Services Company Requirements

The client, a global professional services company, sought an experienced Application Packaging service provider to manage their increasing software demands on their desktop and server systems. ISHIR’s packaging experts developed a two-pronged strategy to deliver the desired results.

E-commerce Solution to Drive Online Sales of a Leading Publisher

A leading publisher wanted to drive their online sales with an optimized shopping experience. Based on Magento, ISHIR’s team enabled an agile and secure e-commerce platform with features that made their website popular soon after its launch. The team also manages events and blogs on the client’s website.

E-Commerce Website for an Online Retail Store

Faced with a number of issues on their e-commerce platform, an online retail store for baby products, reached out to ISHIR to resolve their challenges within stringent timelines. The team of ISHIR’s PHP developers for an optimized e-commerce website to help them boost their online sales.

ISHIR developed Home Area Automation Solution for an Energy Utility Company

A leading energy utility company in U.S. wanted a Home Area Automation Solution to share real-time information on energy consumption. ISHIR’s IoT team build a complete Home Area Automation Solution to enable Smart Energy Program, wherein connecting smart devices, energy gateway and web applications intelligently.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

A leading medical and health care device manufacturer in U.S. wanted a Remote Patient Monitoring solution which can be used as a service based offering for their Partner Hospital/ Clinics to enhance healthcare services beyond physical beds and in-patient care. ISHIR’s IoT team built a Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution by using Azure’s IOT capabilities for the client.

Unique Mobile App to Automate Doors and Windows

The client is in the business of providing automated windows control equipment solutions. With the requirement to build an innovative solution, the client sought a mobile app that could control windows and doors. ISHIR’s team, with the help of result-driven engineering approach, was able to deliver the complex solution for iOS and Android.

Mobile App for a Law Firm

The client is a leading law firm with legal services to local and international clients. Owing to the growing momentum of mobile applications, the client wanted one to represent their firm. Due to a global client base, they sought an app that could support multiple languages. With ISHIR Mobility experience and expertise, a step-wise approach was adopted to deliver the required app.

Route Optimization Mobile App for a Software Company

The client is a leading software company in need of a mobile application to automate bus and route for school students. ISHIR’s mobile team closely analyzed their route planner application requirements and delivered an iOS and Android based application with an application that was high on usability, fast, simple and efficient.

GPS-based Timer Mobile Application for a Mobile App Developer

The client provides GPS-based lap timer app that integrates HD video with lap time, vehicle speed, track maps, acceleration and deceleration. Seeking performance optimization for their GPS-based timer application, the client approached ISHIR with their specific requirements. ISHIR’s Mobility Experts were able to address the client requirement effectively and deliver a mobile application that exceeded their expectations.

SharePoint Application for a Leading University

The client, a prominent university in Boston, had to face a number of roadblocks with their SharePoint application for internal use. ISHIR’s SharePoint professionals enabled an on-time and on-budget execution of the project after a quick discovery of their current Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 environment, workflow engine and the need for other SharePoint site integration.

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