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Offshore Software Development India

ISHIR would be of little use to a company with cutting edge Information Technology. We can bring little value to organizations that have ongoing and major investments in ever changing hardware. Chief Executives with fixed cost structures that include large teams well versed in the latest technology platforms, can turn to another page. ISHIR’s offshore development philosophy is to bring world class computing capability to enterprises whose competitive position is not based on Information Technology. Clients for our outsourcing services are typically masters of manufacturing, marketing wizards, IT companies, professional firms, service providers and creators for some of the most enduring brands.

ISHIR offers you a top offshore outsourcing advantage that your competitors would love: a Business Management led approach to software outsourcing. Such organizations use Information Technology to compete, but focus their time and people on invaluable strengths that they alone have. They are unparalleled in their chosen fields and use ISHIR for offshore development that even an IT major would admire.

We combine hands-on Management experience with our technology geeks. Clients are struck by a novel atmosphere at our NOIDA base in India and at our network of locations in the United States, Canada and London. We speak your language! Staying abreast of the latest developments in Information Technology does not mean that we use jargon that could confuse. The people who lead ISHIR have work experience with firms of the Deloitte and Pepsi stables. We combine youthful zest for the latest and best IT with some hardnosed and wise Project Management and Quality Assurance.


"I have been outsourcing IT work for a couple of years to offshore locations and have worked with many solutions companies, but by far I have found ISHIR to be the best. Their product development strategies were incredible and far exceeded my expectations. We are very happy to have done business with them and look forward to a longer business relationship. In conclusion, Rishi is a true professional and if you have development needs then ISHIR is your solutions partner to work with from India."

Robert Burr
Offshore IT Consultant (based in USA)

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