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Leverage the benefits of Spoon Application Virtualization Studio

With the various Windows platforms currently available, application compatibility is essential in today's technological environment. Spoon Application Virtualization Studio makes compatibility issues a problem of the past. Application virtualization tool from Spoon packages software applications into single executable files that can be run on any computer using the Windows platform, enabling applications to be run with no installs, dependencies, or conflicts.

At ISHIR, we see to it that our clients receive flawless virtualization with Spoon Studio. Our application packaging experts understand that compatibility is essential for your business and they ensure that compatibility is reached in a timely and efficient manner.

Key Features

  • Business Continuity: Runs legacy applications properly on Windows 7, 8 and 10 platforms, ensuring business continuity.
  • Conflict Resolution: Possesses multi-platform compatibility and automatically resolves incompatibilities between multiple operating systems.
  • Compatibility: ISHIR has the ability to virtualize 32-bit and 64-bit applications, IIS, SCOM and SxS services, and databases such as SQL server.
  • Deploy Anywhere: Able to deploy in EXE's, MSI's, intranets with Spoon Server, or on the web with
  • Hassle Free: No reboots, administrative privileges or separate setup steps needed with Spoon Studio Virtualization

Why Choose ISHIR for Spoon Application Virtualization?

  • Deep Understanding: Our Spoon Virtualization experts at ISHIR have a deep understanding of Spoon Virtual Application Studio and have successfully implemented app-v services for many enterprises.
  • Packaging Support: Highly responsive application packaging support services based on per package or dedicated packaging team bases.
  • Partnership: ISHIR is a Spoon partner and has a requisite experience and training to help you kick start your Application Virtualization using Spoon Studio and help realize immediate ROI.

Success Story

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"I give ISHIR my highest recommendation for any business seeking a cost-effective, quality, and timely solution. We thank you for all your hard work in developing our product and meeting our strict deadlines."

Randall Smith
Independent Software Vendor (ISV)
in UK

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