BizNetworkToGo – Business Network Mobile App

Business Network To Go mobile app helps you take your business networking group mobile.

Communication to members in a large business network group can get complicated. Even when meetings are held, it is difficult to ensure whether all members will be present and if all the members are informed about all the events. BizNetworkToGo is a mobile app designed specifically to help business networks communicate to all their members via mobile devices efficiently. Our mobile app supports Apple iOS devices – iPhone, iPad touch, iPad, Google Phones and Windows 8 Phone OS devices.

  • Custom Branding – The business networking group mobile app provides you with the platform which can be tailored to fit your networking groups specific needs. That means your desired logo, colors, and slogans can be incorporated for a truly personalized mobile experience.
  • Events Sync – business networking group members can now easily access the event calendar and sync events straight to their personal calendar and read about the events from the convenience of their mobile devices and not wait to visit the website for this information. We can sync this data with the website CMS.
  • Push Messages & Notifications – now you can push messages to your business networking members on any mobile device and send reminder messages.
  • Sponsors – You can now give sponsors another space to advertise and help fund the business networking group’s mission.
  • People – have detailed pages of the networking group’s leadership so that members can contact leaders directly if needed. Even member details can also be made available through the mobile phones if needed.
  • Stream Audio/Video – stream audio and videos to business networking member’s clips from the past events.
  • Social Feeds – Blog updates and feeds from other social media channels (twitter, Facebook, Instagram) can be consolidated and displayed through live feed on the mobile app.
  • Social Media Integration – members spend more time on Facebook and twitter than any other social media destination and one can now track buzz using through # tags through the app.
  • Pay Dues – Business Networking group members can now pay their annual dues or event dues from the convenience of their mobile devices.

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