Offshore Development October 22, 2009 Last Updated: October 22, 2009

Over the past several years, IT service companies and individuals felt that paying offshore contract IT developers / programmers to execute there work was a Great way to get the Job done without committing to the salary, benefits, and tons of obligations that go along with hiring a full-time inhouse employee.

A “programmer” is someone who does nothing but code new features and fix bugs.  They don’t write specs.  They don’t write automated test cases.  They don’t help keep the automated build system up to date.  They don’t help customers work out tough problems.  They don’t help write documentation.  They don’t help with testing.  They don’t even read code.  All they do is write new code.  In a small ISV, you don’t want any of these people in your company.

Instead of “programmers” (people that specialize in writing code), what you need are “developers” (people who will contribute in multiple ways to make the product successful).

Context is critical.  Management advice can be worthless or worse if it is not appropriate for your situation. The right decisions for a big company can be fatal in a small one. This has motivated us to provide all these above said benefits to all our overseas clients under one roof.

An Offshore Dedicated Development Team is customized to your requirements and business needs, and it works as an extension of your in-house staff whilst keeping optimal control over the entire software development process compared to project basis.

Have a dedicated person working just for your ISV. Thus; it is like hiring your own employee, working from our offshore development center (ODC) in India, US and UK, without incurring those huge hiring costs and overhead employee expenses.

In a small ISV you can’t afford to have people who think their only responsibility is writing code.  There are far too many other things to be done, all of which are critical to having a successful product.  If you were a BigCo, you would just hire more specialists until every job function is covered.  But as a small ISV, what you need are fewer people who are more versatile. If you hire dedicated custom software developers from companies offering offshore staffing services on monthly contract hiring basis then you can manage them as your own virtual offshore employee.

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