ISHIR, a leading offshore software development company, has been recognized as one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for 2021.



“We’re honoured & thrilled to get this recognition, which we believe is a testament to the ingenuity and resilience of our team working across the globe 24/7 to unlock business growth for our clients,” said Rishi Khanna, Founder & CEO of ISHIR.

ISHIR believes that the speed of the technology changes occurring inside the digital landscape offers unlimited potential outcomes while simultaneously undermining already thriving plans of action. With the support of its agile methodology, the company is delivering quicker & better results helping its clients to make a difference and gain a competitive edge.

For the last decade, the company has been investing heavily in digital experiments; it orchestrated the comprehensive transformation of varied industries by offering our remote teams We provide custom software development solutions as well as services to companies at more affordable prices and, of course, with no compromise in the quality.

“We at ISHIR are supporting businesses with significant parts of digitalization – from distinguishing new plans of action fit for tapping new income streams to establishing partnerships with A-grade companies to enhance technical capabilities,” said Chetan Saxena, the COO of ISHIR.

ISHIR’s magnitude of expertise in technology prepares it to serve groundbreaking businesses through committed venues that will perpetually develop with, and for, clients’ requirements around a variety of technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), data, analytics, and machine learning. Nowadays, clients are progressively trying to speed up innovation adoption to acknowledge digital transformation advantages for their customers, investors and employees.

ISHIR empowers its clients with the information, tools and services that can assist them with defeating any impediments around maturing foundation, legacy working models, automation challenges, administrative upgrades and network safety concerns.

Asset-light a vital mechanism to stimulate capital productivity & resiliency

“Resiliency requires being both large and agile so that you can manage to pivot your development services as required during intervals of disruption,” Mamta Rani, the Senior Client Success Advisor at ISHIR, explained”.

A substantial lot of the best organizations over the previous year have been those that have reached maximum individuals, area, innovation and capital. For instance: Large service restaurants and retailers are extraordinary instances of organizations that had the scale to significantly increase their digital business when COVID-19 hit, dissimilar to more modest organizations that experienced issues readjusting.”

Many businesses reevaluated their portfolios to decide which holding may be non-core and could be offshore to a development company. The benefits to companies could incorporate enhanced enterprise agility, enhanced capital efficiency, and more significant shareholder returns. The expanded requirement for asset-light methodologies as of late is being driven by the beginning of digitalization, financial vulnerability because of COVID-19, investor activism and exceptional degrees of dry powder inside private value.

“We anticipate more and more corporations beyond the value chain to embrace asset-light artifices well past the current COVID-19 crisis,” added Mamta. “This is generally acknowledging an expanding need to let loose money to put resources into technology and assemble more nimble and strong plans of action. Organizations that act now to get capital-intensive complex resources off their asset reports can profit from a first-mover’s benefit. By doing this, they can make a severe differentiation to beat their peer-sets.”


ISHIR is a Fortune-5000 company known for its finest technological capabilities in digital transformation, custom software/app development, cloud optimization, etc. For the last 22 years, ISHIR has been delivering practical and enduring results in design, development, digital, and AI.


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