In the following write-up, I would like to discuss about the issues that arise while using the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V Earlier Versions) Package Converter. After going through this, it will be a lot easier for you to test and convert legacy App-V packages to App-V 5.0.

Issue 1You may encounter some problem during the package conversion process. You will be intimated with the following error: “The package converter has detected one or more applications in your package that is targeted for an unsupported operating system. This package cannot be converted unless the targeted operating system restriction is removed from the OSD file”

Solution: For the above issue you can follow the below mentioned steps –

In the OSD file of the legacy source package, a TargetOS is specified such as <OS VALUE=”Win7″/>. Thus, the Package Converter only supports Win7 as the target OS for the converted package. In case, any other target operating system is chosen, the conversion is bound to fail and you will see the aforementioned error. As a workaround, the TargetOS tag can be removed from the source OSD file before the package is converted.

Issue 2Sometimes you might face problem with the converted applications. Some converted applications might fail to run due to the dependency on the drive letter (ex. Q).

Solution: The solution to this problem lies in the legacy package. The legacy packages contain applications that have a drive letter (ex. Q) embedded into the binary files. These files might fail to run as they cannot be tokenized by the Package Converter. In certain circumstances, when the application has a hard requirement on a drive letter, the package manifest can be modified to define the dependency on the drive letter. After this change, the application in the package will start running once the package conversion is completed.

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    I had learned about App-V 5.0, the new changes, and how it impacts your current environment but there are several paradigm changes from App-V 4.x and to ensure a successful deployment.

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