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Developers Corner|Application Virtualization & Packaging July 24, 2014 Last Updated: July 24, 2014

In Application Compatibility Toolkit/Remediation projects, sometimes it becomes necessary to apply shims to fix compatibility issues.


APP-V 5.0:


In App-V 5.0, you can’t add SHIMS along with the packages and that is why they must be supplied separately.


The process for using shims in App-V packages:


The process for creating a shim for App-V project is not same as for a standard MSI project.


  • The shim deployment differs in App-V (compared to MSI) because of the isolated nature of App-V packages.
  • If a shim is applied inside a sequenced package, the shim engine i.e. which is local on the machine is unable to access the shim.
  • Therefore, the shim needs to be deployed locally on the client machine.
  • A shim takes the form of a SDB file. One SDB file should be created per (related) package.
  • The shim should be named as <Application ID>.sdb.
  • A Shims folder, containing the shim for the package should be provided in the root of the package folder (the same level as the package’s like DeploymentConfig.xml, UserConfig.xml, Report.xml, .AppV and .msi etc.).
  • You can add a note to the readme, instructing the customer to install the shim locally on client machines.
  • Please use the following command lines:

Install Command Line:
sdbinst.exe –q <Path to shim>\<AppID>.sdb
Uninstall Command Line:
sdbinst.exe –u <Path to shim>\<AppID>.sdb


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