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Developers Corner|Application Virtualization & Packaging July 28, 2014 Last Updated: July 28, 2014

Cutting-edge features had made XenApp 7.5 more powerful than ever:

The recent spurt in mobile usage has led to the evolution of several technologies. The state-of-the-art features that were added to XenApp 7.5, enabled easy delivery to any Windows application. With the add-on features, it has greatly helped in minimizing costs and enabled elasticity of hybrid clouds. It has also ensured the safety and protection of mobile device management services. Following are the benefits offered by the newest XenApp 7.5 –


Easy Migration, Distribution & Consolidate Operations


1. XenApp 7.5 has led to reduction in the cost and impact of application migration. It can now host five generations of Windows applications simultaneously using one particular infrastructural platform.


2. The latest HDX mobile technology has increased the efficiency of deploying corporate applications to mobile devices. The process involved will be –


  • First and foremost step therein would be to safely host the corporate application to mobile device.
  • Then, using HDX mobile technology, optimize the applications which are to be used by tablets and smartphones.


3.  AppDNA is a part of XenApp – The primary function of AppDNA is to reduce the time required to virtualize application for mobile delivery. XenApp helps in automation! It has the potentiality to save thousands of man-hours and automate the labor required to correct application up to 90%, if there is any deficiency. This process goes on during the entire apps migration phase and even beyond it in the on-going lifecycle administration.


4.  XenApp has the capability to regulate IT activity by providing one console with purpose and role to given administration for configuration and deploying tasks built 100% with the power shell for easy system scripting.


5. The new XenApp 7.5 ensures critical performance data capture with the help of EdgeSight user experience. The monitoring of EdgeSight is built-in so that it can direct        and integrate with NetScaler HDX Insights. All this is easily done without putting any additional load on the network.


Greater Flexibility, Initiates Growth, Ability to Convert Virtual Application & Desktop Framework


XenApp 7.5 has given a leeway to IT enterprises in matters pertaining to flexibility, growth, virtual application and desktop framework in its entirety. Now, going by the ecometrics of the world’s most biggest and dynamic clouds, one can develop and sustain all of these without spending any additional penny on capital expenditure.

  1. A traditional virtual infrastructure deployment has the support of XenApp. It is only the XenDesktop which has the potential to provide application or desktop workload to public or private cloud infrastructure
  2. At present it gets its support mainly from two cloud sources namely – Amazon Web Services or Citrix’ public or private cloud which is in-built with Citrix Cloud site. In the future, XenApp will be able to get the cloud support through Windows Azure


Save on XenMobile


To promote this genre of its brand, Citrix is providing a limited edition offer. Herein, the user can either get XenMobile MDM edition for free or avail 20% off on XenMobile Enterprise edition. Therefore, Mobile Device Management can be better defined as a technology that each organization is able to provide to their employees. This will enable full interaction and also test the ability of the cellphones without compromising on networks or loss of information.

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