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Developers Corner|Application Virtualization & Packaging August 5, 2014 Last Updated: August 5, 2014

Many a times, we come across a scenario wherein we are not able to modify or delete folder or directory. However, this blog will explain you as to how we can find out which process is holding that particular folder or file. For this, we have to use a tool called “Process Explorer”. This is a freeware tool which is available on Internet.
Please find an example below for your reference.


Suppose if you try to delete the “Test” folder which is already opened in some other program, it will show the following warning prompt.


how to find out folder



Now, to find out which program or process is holding the “Test” folder, use “Process Explorer”. Launch ProcessExplorer.exe and go to “Find Handle or DLL…” option from “Find” tab as shown in below screen shot.


how to find folder 2


Now, provide the path of the folder or file for which you have to find the holding process. Please refer to the screenshot below –


how to find folder 3



as you click on the Search Button, it will show you the process or program holding the folder. You will see the following message –


how to find folder 4


In the same way, we can find out other process or program holding the target file.


Process Explorer can be downloaded from the link:



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