There is one thing that we all as SEO’s have learnt specifically after the Panda and Penguin updates, i.e., to produce high quality content. Nowadays, good quality content is so crucial for success of any website. If you overlook it or neglect it, you miss the whole point of what the online presence is meant to be.


If you are building content that is well designed and written correctly, it can pay you huge dividends. Outcome of a good optimized content will surely help your business grow and users too will value that content. You will see several notable benefits of writing and designing beautiful content.


Some important reasons why good content is crucial:-

  1. Major Factor in Google Rankings
  2. Engaging Website Visitors
  3. Give Audience what they want
  4. Create a Blog
  5. It’s not just a TEXT

Major factor in Google Rankings:-


The dictum that we hear again and again when we talk about SEO success is “Content is King”. Just keep your content right to build a strong base of search engine rankings. But wait, here the question arises: What is quality content? An answer to this does not lie in the content marketing. This is what we need to understand about the Google’s ultimate aim for search.


Engaging Website Visitors:-


It is very important for us to understand why Google is forcing us to use quality content. Google is the business that answers people’s queries and they want to do it as naturally as possible, assimilating with the way people are using today’s technology.


Now, another most important advantage of quality content is increasing engagement with website visitors. Earlier, content marketers were revolved around textual content but now visual content in form of Infographics, videos, and images keep the audience engaged and customers of website react better with these type of content.  If website is serving top quality and engaging content in front of targeted audience,  it help business to build a loyal audience and it automatically get rewarded by search engines.

Give Audience what they want


If you are stressed to engage your website visitors through content marketing, include more visuals in your content for an increased engagement. A report study by shows that 46% of consumers believe that website visual graphic elements are very helpful in keeping the audience engaged to the landing page.

So, if you are giving what audience wants by providing a website experience more beautiful and eye catching, it helps you to add maximum value to your business. Content is the key driver for attracting visitors to your website.



 Create a Blog


How can you constantly produce quality content for your audience? Blog your content is a way to reach the targeted audience. Creating good, informative and quality content is one sure way of garnering traffic, generating leads and increasing sales.


A business blog is one of the best tools that you can make to increase your online visibility or you can say “blogging is a marketing tool”. If you are creating a good quality content, it can also be leveraged and syndicated on third party blog websites.



Follow few steps to deliver best content to your audience:-


  • Categorize your content according to the interest of audience
  • Add some keywords relevant to your niche
  • Create ample time for editing
  • Make a list of successfully running blogs
  • Contact Guest bloggers to help out with your content



It’s not just a TEXT


Visual content is ruling nowadays as people are more interested in seeing information rather than reading it. Images, Videos are the new languages of businesses to engage their targeted audience. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and it has the capability to process faster than text content. Videos on landing pages increase conversion rates on the websites. Visuals are always social media friendly and easily accessible and sharable


We can use visual content on our websites primarily in the form of Infographics, Videos and Images. Infographics are a visually appealing way to communicate information easily and quickly in front of targeted audience. They are an awesome way of brand awareness and social sharing. They are shared by other bloggers more frequently rather than textual content. Posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without.


Use these tips to produce high quality content for reaching to your users to build trust and achieve top rankings on search engines.



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