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In today’s highly competitive world technology is changing at a rapid pace. Software programming and programming languages are the one domain that is affected by the eruptive nature of the tech world. In addition to that, technological advancements and spiraling technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence have officially paved a way to create a cutting-edge competitive edge for enterprises.

There are hundreds of languages that exist today and the field of coding is constantly evolving. To keep up with digitization of businesses and unlock the lucrative benefits of technology, new programming languages are coming up with unique attributes.

Every business practically goes through multiple rounds to research to allocate the best language that suits their requirements and needs.

Through this blog, you will go through a detailed list of the top 75 programming languages that you can consider for your project. Besides that, we have also compared the top 10 promising languages in 2024 based on a few metrics like availability, platform, and other pros and cons. Before going through the complete list, let’s first understand what a programming language is.

What is a programming language?

The set of instructions fed to the computer to work according to the written codes is called a programming language. In simpler words, a programming language is the basic interaction carried between a computer and a human so that the computer can operate according to the input that is being fed.

There are several programming languages at the moment and new programming languages are being introduced in a hot minute. But, the ranking of these programming languages fluctuates every year by usage and demand among the software developers.

Choosing the right programming language and the right platform can sometimes be perplexing, given the huge diversity and the rapid oscillations in technical advancements.

Whether you are a professional software developer or a business owner looking for a programming language for your project, it is always beneficial to know which languages are in demand and what will suit your business type.

Top 75 programming languages in 2024


Here’s a complete list of the top 75 programming languages in 2024. Give a detailed look at how these programming languages were developed and what is their unique USP.

1) C – C programming is one of the oldest programming languages. It is a procedural programming language that forms a good foundation for software development, kernel development, and operating system. Ranking at the top position in various indexes, the C programming language occupies a substantial portion of the tech world.

2) Python – Having witnessed tremendous growth over the recent years, Python outranks to become one of the most popular and demanding programming languages. It is widely used for a lot of technical developments and continues to gain popularity year after year with professional developers, rising the trend.

3) Java – Java has been the most popular and common coding language used to date by large business organizations for a variety of reasons, mainly software automation testing. This programming language is easily accessible and grants the best documentation for a supportive IT structure.

4) C++ – C++ is one of the most recently modified coding languages used for automation testing. It is a well-versed language used for multi-device and multi-platform systems. It is an extension of the C programming language and is used extensively for middle-level applications such as graphics, video editing, etc.

5) C# – C# is one of the simplest programming languages developed by Microsoft. It is being structured as a faster and a secure variant of C and used widely for Microsoft and Windows application development.

6) Visual Basic – Visual Basic is one of the most simple, modern, object-oriented programming languages developed by Microsoft used for writing system-specific applications.

7) JavaScript – JavaScript is a programming language that is exclusively designed for creating network-centric applications. It is an interpreted and lightweight programming language used for scripting the webpages.

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8) Assembly language – Assembly language is a specific programming language devoted to particular computer architecture in contrast to other high-level programming languages.

9) Vb. Net – The Vb.Net which stands for Visual Basic Network Enabled Technologies is a simple, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft for the creation of a wide range of windows, web applications built on the .Net framework.

10) PHP – PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most pragmatic, fast, and widely used programming languages developed for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.

11) SQL – SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language solely built for manipulating, storing, and retrieving data from relational databases.

12) Classic Visual Basic – Classic Visual Basic is a programming language similar to the Basic programming language and is widely used for its COM (Component Object Model) used in software systems.

13) Groovy – Groovy or Apache Groovy is an object-oriented programming language based on Java platforms. It is a blend of static and dynamic programming languages and is used as a scripting language in the Java platform.

14) Ruby – Ruby is an open-source programming language with an elemental syntax. It is used in a range of platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, etc.

15) Go – Go is a procedural and open-source programming language built for the making of simple, reliable software systems.

16) Swift – Swift is a newly built programming language to construct software design patterns by Apple.

17) MATLAB – MATLAB is a multi-functional and paradigm functional programming language used in C, Java, and C++.

18) Fortran – Fortran is a general-purpose, imperative programming language developed by IBM used for scientific calculations and numerical computing software.

19) R – R is one of the most leading programming languages used in the software environment exclusively for statistical analysis, graphics representation, and computing software networks.

20) Perl – Perl is a programming language utilized in all parts of the automated test environment and has been used for years in software development.

21) Delphi/Object Pascal – Delphi is a programming language used for handling many details of setting up projects in software development and automation.

22) Scratch – Scratch is a visual block-based programming language designed for the effective creation of visual-based games and applications for children.

23) TCL – TCL is a general, multi-purpose, paradigm, high-level programming language used for dynamic applications.

24) Action Script – It is a programming language that is completely object-oriented and specifically designed for website application development.

25) Julia – Julia is a general purpose-high level dynamic programming language used for writing any application.

26) Logo – Logo is an adaption of Lisp, a functional programming language used for multiparadigm purposes.

27) Hack – Hack is a dialect of PHP programming language and is created by a team at Facebook.

28) Prolog – Prolog is an important example of fourth-generation programming languages and supports the declarative programming paradigm.

29) Small Talk – SmallTalk is an object-oriented and general-purpose programming language implemented by the SmallTalk Runtime environment.

30) OpenEdge ABL – OpenEdge Advanced Business language is an efficient advanced programming language to demonstrate business organizations.

31) SAS – Statistical Analysis System is an open-source programming language that offers strong statistical capabilities used for cloud computing.

32) Objective-C – Objective-C is a multi-purpose, object-oriented programming language that adds Smalltalk messaging to the C programming language.

33) (Visual) FoxPro – (Visual) FoxPro is a data-oriented and procedural programming language developed by Microsoft and supports a wide range of window applications

34) Rust – Rust is a high-level, multi-purpose programming language specifically designed for a safe concurrency.

35) Julia – Julia is a general purpose-high level dynamic programming language used for writing any website dynamic application.

36) COBOL – Common Business Oriented Language is a programming language specifically designed to carry out effective business.

37) PL/SQL – SQL is a domain-specific programming language relatively available for managing effective data in a database management system.

38) Ada – Ada is an imperative, high-level, object-oriented programming language extended from Pascal and other languages.

39) Scala – Scala is a good blend of functional and object-oriented programming languages.

40) VBScript – VBScript is a lightweight, general-purpose and active scripting programming language developed by Microsoft.

41) KotlinKotlin is a general-purpose, statically typed programming language for the creation of powerful website applications.

42) Lisp – Lisp is one of the oldest programming languages with a fully parenthesized prefix notation used especially for symbolic processing and symbolic manipulation purposes.

43) VHDL – Very high-speed integrated circuit hardware description programming language to create an efficient dataflow model.

44) Dart – Dart is an open-source, platform-independent programming language specialized to meet the needs of user interface creation.

45) PowerShell – PowerShell is a scripting language specifically constructed for system administration.

46) Haskell – Haskell is one of the widely used functional programming languages for its clear-cut handling effects.

47) Lua – Lua is a programming language built on top of C and is an open-source functional.

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48) D – D is a general-purpose multi-paradigm programming language having the syntax of C.

49) ABAP – ABAP is a runtime programming language used mostly by SAP for application development purposes.

50) Clojure – Clojure is a general-purpose, dynamic programming language that is adaptive on the Java platform.

51) ABC – ABC is an interactive, general-purpose programming language used as a good replacement for BASIC programming language.

52) Alice – Alice is an easy, drop interface programming language which is widely used for text-based language translation purposes.

53) Bash – Bash is a Unix-shell compatible programming language that executes command language interpreters.

54) Bourne Shell – Bourne Shell is an interactive command programming language used in Linux-like systems.

55) C shell – C shell has a syntax similar to C programming language and is used as an interactive command interpreter.

56) Coffee Script – Coffeescript programming language is used as a successful complaint of JavaScript.

57) Crystal – Crystal is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language having a programmer-friendly syntax.

58) cT – cT is a procedural, imperative, general-purpose programming language developed to generate the Unix operating system software.

59) Apex – Apex is object-oriented, strongly typed which allows for easy execution of transaction control statements.

60) Nim – Nim is a multi-paradigm, statically typed, expressive system programming language designed for successive support of metaprogramming.

61) Scheme – Scheme is a highly expressive programming language having an easy syntax.

62) Elixir – Elixir is a concurrent, general-purpose programming language that is considered to be an immutable functional programming language.

63) F# – F# is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language that circumscribes object-oriented design systems.

64) Icon – Icon is a general-purpose high-level programming language used for structural programming.

65) Korn Shell – Korn Shell is a restricted command, a programming language that is upward compatible with Linux systems.

66) LabView – LabVIEW is a programming language widely used in test development and automation purposes.

67) MQL4 – MQL4 is a high-level programming language used for the development of robotic models, technical indicators, etc.

68) Natural – Natural language is a 4th-grade programming language used in terms of natural language sentence translations.

69) OpenCL – OpenCL programming language is widely used for heterogeneous computing purposes.

70) Q – Q programming language is an array processing language used for computing advanced proprietary software.

71) Racket – Racket is a macro system programming language used as a general-purpose language in production systems.

72) LabVIEW – LabVIEW is a programming language widely used in test development and automation purposes.

73) Awk – Awk is an interpreted, data-driven programming language specially designed for text processing.

74) Transact-SQL – Transact SQL is a database, procedural programming language which is developed as an extension of SQL.

75) Typescript – Typescript is a vigilant statistical syntax of JavaScript and adds optional static typing to the language.

Top Programming Languages in 2024- An Overview

Below listed are a couple of programming languages that are making news in 2022. These languages are highly popular and are often chosen by people for their projects because of their flexible nature, development speed, execution speed and much more.

Top 5 programming languages for cyber security in 2024

Increasing cybercrimes over the recent years have seen an emergence in cybersecurity. It is said that 21% of the files in a computer are not protected at all.  Some of the most in-demand programming languages in the market that people go for to protect their files are –

  • C and C++ – For its effective understanding of open-source code.
  • Python – For its short learning curve and rapid speed, accomplishing multiple tasks.
  • JavaScript – For designing secure websites and user interfaces.
  • PHP – For the implementation of robust solutions for secure web applications.
  • SQL – Easy manipulation of websites for cybersecurity professionals.

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Top 5 Programming Languages For Artificial Intelligence in 2024

AI is a rapidly evolving field, and the programming languages that are most popular today might not be the same in a few years. However, based on current trends and advancements, here are the top 5 programming languages that are likely to dominate the AI landscape in 2024

  • Python: Its simplicity, readability, and vast ecosystem of libraries and frameworks.
  • R: Well-suited for statistical analysis and data visualization, making it a popular choice for machine learning tasks.
  • Java: Java’s robustness, scalability, and cross-platform compatibility make it a reliable choice for developing AI applications
  • Julia: Focuses on high-performance computing and its ability to seamlessly integrate with other languages like C and Python
  • TensorFlow: TensorFlow provides a comprehensive set of tools and resources for developing AI models, and its integration with Python makes it accessible to a wide range of developers.

Top 5 programming languages for Data Science in 2024

Data Science continues to be a highly promising, demanding, and revolutionary technology discipline that is highly evolving over the recent years. Some of the promising programming languages required are-

  • Python – High versatility and data visualization.
  • SQL – For sound design and implementation of data analytics.
  • R – High extensibility, versatility, and community support.
  • MATLAB – Highly suitable for scientific and technical data analysis.
  • SAS – High statistical and analytical capabilities, ease of learning.

Top 5 programming languages for game and app development in 2024

Learning programming languages is the fundamental block of application development. Some of the important languages required are-

  • Java – Supports multithreading and is an ideal choice for Android game development.
  • Python – Extensive library support and high versatility.
  • C++ – Advanced capabilities and game engine used for coding game applications.
  • JavaScript – Incredible versatility and compatibility for android application developers.
  • PHP – Powerful frameworks and easy-to-learn automation make it highly beneficial to game development.

Top 5 programming languages for cloud computing in 2024

Cloud computing has seen an incredible advancement over the recent years and the necessary programming languages required for cloud computing are –

  • Python – Packed with numerous support libraries and third-party modules making it easier to implement.
  • Golang – Modern and robust language with concurrency support, package management in cloud computing.
  • Ruby – Open-sourced, active community support that can be easily integrated with cloud monitoring.
  • Java – High versatility, robust and modular language compatible for cloud computing
  • PHP – For its easy learning and manipulation in cloud computing technology and cloud automation software.

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Top 5 programming languages for software development in 2024

Some of the important programming languages required for software development execution are –

  • Python – Widespread implementation in software development, code readability.
  • Java – Easy to learn and provides powerful open source rapid development tools.
  • C++ – For its advanced computation and graphics complaint.
  • JavaScript – Rapid run time and no compilation requirement.
  • Swift – Specially designed for its modern features and development, highly beneficial to software development.

From the above-mentioned statistics, Python is the best programming language to begin as it has an all-round advancement implemented in various fields


Although there are a lot of programming languages available in the market today, choosing the right language and the right platform to execute is crucial to not only develop a strong base but also gain hands-on expertise in technological advancements.

The data articulated above gives a clear-cut clarity and explains the structure of programming languages and their place in the global trends furthering you to make an informed decision about choosing the right programming language to pursue. Get in touch with the ISHIR team to know more!



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