Microsoft Office 365 December 29, 2014 Last Updated: January 3, 2018

Microsoft in its Knowledge Base article has revealed that it has decided to drop SharePoint Online Public Website feature. This news created a commotion amongst all the current SharePoint Online and Office 365 users. So, what really does this SharePoint Online Public Website feature do? As per the Microsoft, Public website feature is designed to have a basic online presence of its clients. But, the new feature tools are more robust which produces enhanced online presence. So, there is no need to worry as Microsoft in its Support Page has also claimed that the existing SharePoint Online and Office 365 users can access it for two more years.


The downside of this news is for all those subscribers who switch to Office 365 post the last date. Such subscribers will not get the right to use this feature and won’t get it at reduced price as well. Such users will have to gain access to public websites using services offered by third party sources which you know or the ones recommended by Microsoft. Please note that if you are one amongst them, you will get services of third party providers at a discounted rate.


Generally, it is quite a difficult task to find a reliable third party provider. A significant amount of time, money and energy is consumed in developing a public facing website and store large data therein. To this effect, Microsoft will give a year’s notice in advance. During this period, the organization can make substantial changes in its Office 365 services. The data and content migration needs to be done by the users. The managers are advising their employees to store all data and content before any switch over to new solutions provider.


Company officials emphasized that it will help users access third party tools and services to build and manage their “online presence“, said Microsoft in a Knowledge base article.

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