After making a number of improvements and incorporating user feedback, the Office 365 team has announced that Sway will be rolled out for Office 365 subscribers in the coming days. Sway is an app that helps you to share ideas through web, mobile or your tablet in a highly interactive manner. It gives an opportunity to the user to express themselves in a unique way. Using Sway, a person can drag and drop concepts (since its cloud native) related to an idea (still raw) into the app. Once ready to present the idea, the user can also integrate a variety of multimedia, choose from a different layouts and also get suggestions to make the idea look amazing.  The users can share the resulting presentation or document on social networks instantly.


To begin with, Sway will be available for users who have Office 365 work and school credentials (i.e. Office 365 education subscribers) and the community will be the first in the line to use Sway. It will later be released for all other Office 365 subscribers. Office 365 users will be able to use Sway to create interactive presentations, engaging documents and professional content from any device.


The feature will give the users the option to create professional deliverables in a number of creative ways. Sway for Office 365 subscribers will also be able to support languages other than English.


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