If you can work from any device, how can data security be assured? Organizations are consistently worried about data protection as more and more of their people are accessing documents and e-mails from their mobile devices, iPads and tablets. The Office 365 team is introducing a whole new gamut of next gen information security measures to ensure that information is protected at various levels – people, service and file. In a video titled ‘Early look at next gen information protection in Office 365 and beyond’, Rudra Mitra, the Partner Director for Information Protection on the Office 365 team how new information protection controls ensure data protection in the face of new challenges.




He discussed the three key aspects related to data – being pervasive, being transparent and being people-centric. Pervasive emphasizes the fact that it’s important to be compliant and protect the data, being accessed from multi devices. If we are transparent about data, then organizations using Office 365 know what happens to their data and gives them a clarity on what happens to their data on the cloud. People-centric means involving people and letting them know about all the security policies and updates being put in place.


The new Compliance Centre will enable applying policy updates for SharePoint, Lync and other services. The Office 365 activity report enables a user to have a complete activity log on who opened a file, who logged in, who downloaded it and all this information is available for all kinds of devices.


The new security features will also help organizations to encourage people to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).


  1. Henray Reiyan says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. The Next Gen data protection will be a boon for those looking for a safe spot in cloud.

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