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There were some interesting announcements from Apple at the WWDC 2015 or the Worldwide Developers’ Conference. Held on 8th June 2015, Apple announced the launch of their new operating system iOS 9. Besides the launch of the new operating system, they will also introduce Apple Music. The iOS 9 is expected to be available for a public launch in September 2015.


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What’s new with their operating system?


While you can get a complete picture on Apple’s website, there aren’t expected to be any phenomenal design changes as people complain about drastic changes. The new OS will offer built-in apps that Apple device owners use every day (like news, maps, mails, etc.). There is a more personalized news experience with updates that you care about most on top. Making notes will also be much cooler with this new OS. You can make to-do lists, sketch your ideas with your fingers and even add a picture to your note. And you can add more credit and rewards cards to the Apple Wallet. It seems to offer a quicker way to pay with the wallet or redeem with Apple Pay. For car users with a wireless connection to iPhone, CarPlay can play audio messages, spin around your maps and play audio without the need to plug in.

For music lovers, there’s Apple Music


Apple Music is seen as the next revolution in music. It will offer live radio station, 24 hours a day, with a huge collection of different genres of music. With Apple Music Connect, music lovers can even connect with the artists, give feedback and the artists can respond back. Apple Music will be available free, for 3 months only, from 30th June 2015. It will be a paid subscription, thereafter.


To see how the newbies from Apple really are, we just have to wait and watch.




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