When collaboration is the new must, how can stay away from it? You and your e-mails are inseparable so there have to be smarter and more innovative ways to access them. The new update to, which was announced on 21st May, 2015 introduces a whole set of new features to collaborate better, give you a refined inbox and provide an improved calendar. The upgrade is available for Office 365-based infrastructure users.


In a video titled ‘New ways to get more done in, some of these new features have been introduced. With the new Outlook upgrade, you can change the theme for your Outlook, you can get more organized with refiners to get better search results, and you can add pins and flags to keep important e-mails on top and much more.


With refiners, you can pivot your search based on who you sent the e-mail to, date, sender and attachments. And you can have suggested people and content, based on who you communicate with most, to make searching much faster. Collaboration is enhanced as users can shift conversations between Skype and e-mails and easily start a voice or a video call. Sharing files on OneDrive is now simpler with file picker and an easy conversion to OneDrive link.


Access to shared calendars has been made easier and you can search to with criteria based on events, location, invitees or even description of an event.


A new upgrade is never complete without an enhancement to multi device experience. So the new Outlook upgrade version is set to provide a ‘cleaner experience’ along with new features for mobile and tablet users.


All these new features will soon be available to Office 365 subscribers.




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