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The Windows Insider Program was announced on 30th September 2014 and was an initiative wherein users could sign in and contribute to the early build of Windows 10 operating system. The program was earlier only accessible to developers but later it was available to all users and give feedback for areas such as developing Windows apps and games for PCs, tablets and phones, developing apps for Microsoft HoloLens and/or developing devices with IoT core.


The registered users can be a part of a community through an easy to use app for their PC or mobile or even both. There were 1.5 million people who registered as part of the Windows Insider Program by the end of 2014. The registration is still open as future updates will continue to incorporate users’ feedback.


In a video titled Windows Insider Program, Microsoft personnel share how helpful the program has been to create a more meaningful product. The interesting thing is that all registered users will be upgraded to Windows 10 and don’t have to reserve the upgrade (provided they have a valid Windows 7/8 or 8.1 license.


Set to release on 29th July for PCs and tablets, people who have not registered for the Windows Insider Program can still reserve their free upgrade to Windows 10. All you have to do is to click on the Windows icon on the right end of the taskbar and click on “Reserve your free upgrade”. You have then provide your e-mail address. If you still don’t see an upgrade option, either your Automatic Updates might be disabled or could be one of the reasons that you can find on Microsoft’s FAQs page.

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