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The Project Manager and developers are expected to answer a variety of questions from the client. The apprehension and doubts are all for real. Every organization houses people with different skill-sets, having worked for a number of clients from different industries and have a set of unique best practices and methodologies. How can one, as a client, consider the best software vendor for their requirements? There are some critical points that can be taken into consideration before finding and finalizing the best suited software development company.


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Understanding what you need


Statistics show that a large number of projects fail as the team, working on it, are unable to completely understand the client requirements. One has to ensure that the developers understand your requirements, analyze the end-users’ perspective and give their understanding of how can the solution be best implemented. At times, you can get a prototype developed to gauge the capability of the software development company. It also gives an advantage to uncover requirements that might have been overlooked earlier.

Solid Project Plan


The project management plan is a significant document not only for the team but the client as well. The milestones and progress meetings will give you clarity on the misses. The deliverables should be clearly defined and you should be clearly given an understanding for the reasons in case of delays.

Implementation plan


You have to understand how does the team intend to implement the final source code. The development and production environment can be quite different. The team has to carefully work around the differences between the two environments and also have proven methodologies to avoid data loss. Some software development companies also use automatic deployment tools.



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