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As per a recent post in Forbes, the mobile commerce industry will continue to grow at an incredible rate. The growth is soon likely to supersede desktop traffic. The astounding numbers show that globally the sales through mobiles, which were at $ 150 billion in 2014, will grow to more than $ 280 billion in 2015. The trends also depict that among the highest consumers of these mobile apps are millennials with females downloading and using shopping mobile apps more than males. The trend of mobile shopping is fast catching up with all age groups across all income levels.


With the increased competition, business owners are not only wondering how to get a mobile app developed but the real challenge is to get it noticed and popular. In the midst of millions of apps, how can a single app scream and ask for attention? How can it get ample limelight? Will a media coverage help or will word of mouth work better? If only you can get people to talk about your app. With all the competition, there is a lot of noise and there is no one ruler in the mobile application market.


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So here are the seven marketing strategies that can get your mobile app the attention it needs.


1. Know your target audience – Participate in forums, online discussions and social media conversations to understand where your target audience exists. Once you are attentive to their needs, you can incorporate relevant features in the app. You can also get a selected audience to test the app before you launch it.


2. Competitor’s analysis – You can’t ignore what your competitors are doing. You may also like to follow some big players and incorporate what they are doing right.


3. Find you app’s USP – The uniqueness of your app will make it popular and appealing to the people. Spend time to identify the USP and create a strong spin around it.


4. Video – An introduction to your app with the help of a video is an extremely effective way to get the attention you need for your app.


5. Blog or Website – Promote your app with the help of a blog or make a promotional campaign on your website. Once you create either or both, you can promote it on social media channels


6. Plan the launch – You have to plan the pre-launch and launch of your app meticulously. Make a teaser campaign to generate curiosity amongst audience and then you can organize an event to launch it.


7. PR – You can choose to get a media coverage for your app. Ensure that the PR covers the key features and screenshots of you app so that people become aware of the benefits of downloading the app.


There are many other ways to make your mobile app popular. Another important way is to have your mobile app appear when somebody is searching for something related to your app so make sure you know all the right keywords for your mobile app.



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