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As of last week, the world received an announcement that Microsoft will be hosting the next 24 hour Collab365 web conference on October 7th – 8th 2015.


What this is going to be about?


As this is one of Microsoft’s attempts to engage with their audience and let them know what is happening now and in the future. There is quite a laundry list of things (they said, “Literally going to be something for everyone”) to be covered in this session like:


  • Microsoft speaking on Azure Development and forms
  • Authoritative sources of information about SharePoint and Office 365 from all over the globe
  • A little thing called “the office migration show” where Microsoft states that you personally get help from the people who developed SPACF and ask them questions
  • Topics to be spoken on by top level managers in the MS product division like Mark Kashman, Jeremy Thake, and more.
  • A stream of live content from the Netherlands, not much known about this so far


What Microsoft envisions?


These topics/speakers and more will fill about 120 sessions in the 24hr allotted time schedule. With 10 large donors for the project, Microsoft has spent just around 400 hours preparing for the conference so far. With the signup now open, Microsoft is foretelling an attendance of over 10,000 viewers.


One thing we really like about this conference is that it’s completely free to attend. Even with all the costs associated with hosting an event like this, Microsoft has set apart segments of their budget to make this even available to whomever is interested. Now if Google could only start doing something like this, that would be both interesting and probably much appreciated by the digital marketing community.




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