As it is a well-known fact that buyers are moving onto mobile platforms more and more, the popularity of Mobile retail Apps has increased in a similar manner. It has risen so high, that according to Apptentive’s survey, 88% of people are now using Retail Mobile Apps. That in itself, is reason enough to make yourself available on a mobile app, but segmenting what people do on the app will open up new conversations.


The top five uses:

1)      Redeeming discounts for in-store use

2)    Comparing pricing with others

3)    Viewing reviews on products

4)    To find a product on the App

5)    Try to accumulate reward points


Why is this significant?


First and foremost, it is important to know that besides the  88% of people who use retail mobile apps, 61% of people use these apps at least once a month and 26% percent use them at least 7 times every month. These numbers expose the fact that many people return to their apps consistently when entering a buying cycle. Through these cycles, many successful companies have tailored their mobile app experience to optimize themselves for what people want.


How to actually offer what people want?


As these buying cycles are segmented into the top five activities shown on the graph above, it is easy to see the individual action items that are subject to influence. For example, if your store is not big on in-store discounts that encourage app users to come in and buy, this is definitely something to consider.


Additionally, by integrating your app with the prices of others in the same industry and brand position, you could capture the somewhat large niche that like to compare prices. This could even in turn become a selling point for your app, as it is shown in this data that this is a valuable product offering.


As goes without saying, making a reward point system is something many companies like Nordstrom are taking advantage of because they’ve known the value of the statistics mentioned in this blog for quite some time. Nordstrom offers tons of ways to reward yourself, starting with hitting the “sign up” button. Writing reviews is also a common way for people to gain reward points.


If you’re a retailer with any influence online, you should begin to seriously consider creating a mobile app for your company to accommodate the 88% of people are currently utilizing them. In your search for a mobile app don’t forget the top five things people like to do: redeem, compare, view, find, and earn.



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