As of just recently, Magento became the most popular content management system in the US at just about 30% total CMS usage rate. Of course, this didn’t just happen by chance, Magento clearly has something people want. As it built from the ground up to be an ecommerce CMS platform, unlike others such as WordPress, Magento naturally offers more for less, with their free version and enterprise version.


So what does Magento offer?


In addition to the known benefits that Magento offers, you also get countless tools, some of which include the following:


No more incremental payments


Of course, once we pay for something, we don’t want to have to pay to upgrade it to the newer version. Everyone wants that single initial payment to cover future upgrades. With the enterprise version of Magento, this is actually what we users are experiencing. As their business grows, Magento grows with you and doesn’t charge for extra features.


It’s actually fast


As the designers for Magento knew that everyone wanted a page load time under 2 seconds, they created their CMS system for just that. They’ve perfected the act of caching pages and pulling data from huge warehouses in a fraction of a second.


Already optimized for SEO


Another thing people are having to worry less about is making their meta tags, URL’s, descriptions, and maps manually SEO friendly as Magento does it automatically. With this feature built right into the program itself, Magento makes using ecommerce websites just that much less painful.


Can use HTML5 for mobile


As we all know that mobile is rapidly becoming the future of online shopping, it is extremely important to have a CMS system that can easily work with mobile devices. Magento allows for full customizability for your mobile ecommerce website platform through HTML5.


Easy use of plugins and management of multiple websites


As Magento is fully compatible with most apps and plugins in the market, its API is customizable to your needs and wants. Additionally, the designers of Magento knew that people would be using their platform with multiple sites, so it’s incredibly easy to switch from site to site and customize designs on each one separately.


No matter what CMS platform you’re using or considering using for your ecommerce website, take a look at Magento. If you want to take a quick spin though Magento, try out the free, open source version.


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