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With smart watch sales booming, cross functional operating systems flourishing, and in-app ecommerce becoming widely adopted, the world of mobile technology as we know it has changed drastically over the course of 2015.


It’s no secret that things are changing, though, as predictions about new mobile innovations are seemingly made by every company out there. However, many of these innovations will be directly impacting the revenue of companies across the globe and that’s what really matters.


So instead of mere speculation, here’s 3 of the most important trends 2016 will likely bring.


1.     Mobile Enterprise Application Software (EAS) mass adoption


Google Play and the Apple store alone have well over 300 million apps available for download. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of this is usually our favorite consumer apps like Netflix or DuoLingo.


The thing is, EAS apps have reached a tipping point in our mobile economy where they are now much more lucrative than consumer apps. Now, 43% of mobile apps make over $10k a month while 18% of those make over $100k a month.


What’s imperative here, is that Gartner has calculated that the demand for mobile EAS development will surpass our country’s capacity to fill this demand by 5 to 1. So if this slightly falls into an industry you deal with it’s about time to consider launching your own EAS.


2.     App security market positioned for growth


By growth, we simply mean that apps are horribly insecure at this time. A professional study released by Gartner revealed that even the most rudimentary of security measures are failed by over 75% of all mobile apps.


Although this number is shocking, maybe a more believable statement to make is that security isn’t exactly the first thing you think of when you open an app. So it’s even more understandable that this isn’t on the minds of mobile app developers either.


However, the spotlight was really shown directly on the lack of IT security as a whole in 2015 so this isn’t exactly coming as a surprise to most, even app users. Thus, being able to highlight your app’s security is going to take a much higher priority in 2016.


3.     More money being put towards the Internet of Things


Over 50% of mobile developers now have said they’re working on some sort of IoT project. This clearly reflects the investment companies have placed on getting their hands on what is expected to be a big payoff.


Cisco studies and others predict the IoT being worth about $19 trillion for organizations across the globe.


Wearables, smart buildings, new monitoring devices and many more need operating systems built specifically for them and developers are finally willing to devote their time to it because we’ve deemed it worthy as a society.


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